Some Fun Power of Love Conference Video Pre-Roll

We are so blessed to have a new video producer. We wanted to share a short video pre-roll of what happens as our conferences kick off and the event gets ready. Great job Eddie! Our last conference is in Boston on November 14th at Crossroads Worship Center. Check out tickets at


Section from our Summer Newsletter

We all know that there are four seasons in this life and each season brings different life experiences. There are also seasons within each life. Sometimes we plant new activities and cultivate new relationships and sometimes we stop engaging with organizations or groups of people. We find ourselves in constant states of transition and seasons of life. Although change is good, it takes time to embrace the change.

A great example is smoking. Yes, it is a good change to stop smoking, but the season of breaking the habit is not good or easy. What will you do to replace the time and the activities associated with the habit? In time, the benefits far outweigh the habit but the season of stopping and quitting is difficult.

Why are we addressing transition in this summer newsletter? Primarily because we are about to transition from the season of summer to fall. Bobbye and I have heard many people say things like…”Maybe it will be better in the fall when Bible study starts up again” and “Maybe my life will be more organized in the fall.” We tend to look for the help to change as a result of the new season instead of realizing we are in continual seasons of change and need to look to the Lord daily for help.

I really believe the Lord is NOT as hard on us as we are on ourselves. Our expectations for ourselves are so unrealistic of what we want to accomplish or how great we want something to be that we set ourselves up for disappointment. Then, we do not realize that we project our expectations on to others and become angry and disillusioned when life is not what we expected.

This past year, Bobbye and I have been on national tour preaching and teaching the Gospel. The response has been the same at every city regardless of culture, denomination, age or background. But we have also noticed that the women’s struggles are the same too. We are expecting more from God than what He has already done for us. God has not placed a burden on us that we cannot handle and yet we expect God to perform miracles for us as if He is a genie wishing to grant our every prayer request.

At some point, prayer needs to bring us peace. We receive the peace of God that surpasses understanding when we pray. If we are not receiving His peace in prayer, we need to change our prayers. He is on the Throne. God is God and God will do what God does best despite our opinions of His timing and His ways. Our prayers will not turn a dog into a cat. We will not experience His peace in prayer if we expect God to submit to our ways and our timing.

Jesus knew His mission on earth. He was called to be the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world through His death. He was still praying immediately prior to his arrest for the Father to make another way. His prayer was not answered but He found the peace through prayer to walk out God’s will. There have been many things in mine and Bobbye’s lives we have begged God to change. Honestly, when I realized He was not going to intervene like I asked (even expected), I went through a season of anger, anxiety and living daily with a troubled heart. At some point, I realized God knows we will experience all these emotions but He wants us to know what to do with them..continue to talk it out with Him. He can handle our anger, our confusion and our disappointment. He is God and there is no other. No one else can give you answers or heal your inner soul. No parent, child, friend or counselor can repair your broken heart. And we need to remember…in life, we go through seasons.

There are seasons of questions and then seasons of answers. After wrestling for many months, God opened my mind and taught me a huge lesson, which brought His inner peace. I realized that Jesus is now in heaven interceding for us at the right hand of the Father; He is not in heaven today still complaining to the Father about the unanswered prayer on earth. The choice is ours: We can choose to be angry and bitter that God did not intervene the way we expected or asked. And those feelings can imprint on every changing season. We then can die in hopes to complain face to face to God (sounds ridiculous, but that is how we act). Or we can submit to God, like Jesus, and continue to love God, walk with God and bless others, through every seasons in life.

We, at Daily Disciples Ministries, say “THANK YOU!” for your continued prayers and support as we are continuing to grow and change through the seasons of life. Our true desire is to proclaiming the Gospel globally.That prayer is being answered but it’s not easy! And we cannot do it alone.

We know that God has called us as a body of believers to work together to accomplish the visions and tasks beyond ourselves. None of us can give something we do not have. We cannot continue to give without your support. Please prayerfully consider a donation of any amount today. God will multiply the fish and loaves but we have to be willing to give them to Him first.

We hope to see you soon!

Bobbye & Tonilee

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Changing Cultures

While in Prague and Vienna, I met a woman who came to live in America from the Philippines around 30 years ago. She lived through a lot and willing shared her story. We spent much time together. This woman is in her 70s. She told me that her culture and ways are quite different than her 4 grown American children (who were all born in the Philippines). However, she is close with them all.

In our conversation, she said to me, “I do not want to be a guest in my children’s house or their lives. I want to participate. Even though I do not understand their culture or their choices, I have learned to support them. They are not me. They are faced with very different things than me.”

Her words were soft and kind. Her tone was filled with love. I was amazed at her self control when she has gained so much wisdom through her personal experiences throughout her years. Because I knew I would be taking my youngest daughter to college out of state, I realize that she will not only be growing, learning and changing apart from me but she will experience a different culture unknown to me. She will not make choices based on my counsel any longer. How do I want to be? I do believe that most parents believe that their intent is based on love but their definition of love might not be interpreted as loving to their children. So, of course, loving is a given. But the behavior I choose to represent my love is accepting, encouraging, and kind.  The verse in James says, “Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry” because we need to represent the wisdom of God in our behavior and words. My children do not need contrarians in their lives as they have been raised to consider biblical convictions when assessing and deciding how to move forward.

Love is patient and kind. God’s kindness is powerful to lead us to repentance. We are asked to obey and abide in the light of a Loving God and represent Him. Then we can leave the results to God and trust Him for our children.

***We are heading to San Francisco for the Power of Love Conference next weekend. We will be at the Church of the Highlands in San Bruno. For more information, please call 800.992.0369. Mention this blog and you will get a discounted price! Thanks for reading…

Getting God Involved: #POL (pray out loud)

Years ago, I drove a minivan, primarily because I had three very young children at the time. My baby was only three months old. She sat in the middle row of the van, and then my older children were 6 and 4 years old and they shared the third row in the van. I had just picked them up from school so it was approximately 4pm. My 6-year-old son was in kindergarten and my 4-year-old girl was in preschool. As I was driving home, the two older children were kicking each other in the back seat and pulling each others’ hair and poking each other. The noise was escalating, as well as my patience. I was telling them to stop in every form and fashion that I could muster while driving, but I couldn’t reach them because they’re in the back row.

I felt completely helpless.10931270_852771151436544_6896406816489065577_n

I didn’t know what to do because they weren’t listening, and then the baby started to cry. So, I grabbed the steering wheel and I said prayed out loud (POL), “Oh Lord, You have to help me. I have to go home with these three kids, and I’m outnumbered. Please do something to give me the strength to make it through this night.” And right then, in the rear view mirror, I saw my son nudge my 4-year-old daughter and say, “Emilee! We’d better stop it. Mom just got God involved.”

Getting God involved is the purpose of prayer. Prayer means that we include God, even if it’s in a time of crisis that you need to pray out loud. At that moment, we know that some how our prayers reaches heaven and God intervenes just by speaking His name.                                                                 ——TL Adamson

Life Centered Prayer

In my Masters of Ministry Class this semester, we are focusing on the spiritual health of the minister (or ministry worker). One of the assignments had to due with self-examining ourselves at night. The term for this kind of prayer is Life-Centered Prayer.

Since coming to the Lord, I have been more comfortable at night with opening the Word to summarize my day and to pray for the next day. However, to self examine myself is very different. The concentration is not on the Lord but on me. How did I represent the Lord throughout the day? Typically, confession and repentance prayers are self-examination. When really aligning ourselves with the Lord to confess and repent over the things that break His heart take mental and physical strength to be still and quiet our spirits to align with the thoughts of God.

At night, we are more tired and looser in our convictions. Think about Peter and Judas, both sinned at night. Our flesh is weaker and our minds are not as sharp. Even if we can study better at night, a big factor has to do with having our bodies finally calm down from following every distraction. By self-examining at night, I had a lot less grace for my shortcomings and a lot less strength for the battle.

Accountability before the Lord is everything when it comes to growth and being entrusted with greater spiritual works and gifts.. Spiritual formation from the rising of the sun until the time it goes down is a necessity. We need to take responsibility for our own behavior, acknowledge that behavior and move on thankful for His love and His grace to forgive us.

We worship a loving, giving and forgiving God. Regardless if it is day or night, let’s confess and be thankful that He forgives. Let’s take responsibility for our shortcomings. And let’s ask Him to remind us to not fall into the same traps that separate ourselves from Him or others again. We can trust Him without ourselves, good and bad, both in the morning and the night.

Can we compartmentalize convictions from callings?

Bobbye and I attended a new networking meeting hosted by Rebecca Garcia. She entitled the group “Christian Women Entrepreneur Network.” We were asked to open in prayer and dedicate the group to the Lord. The women who attended were very sweet and sincere in their efforts to improve their lives, including their businesses. I was impressed by CWEN’s agenda to include prayer and worship in a network gathering.

As the agenda for the day began to enfold, Rebecca called a panel to the front to answer questions of how to incorporate faith in the workplace. The panel did a fine job of answering the questions but I liked how Rebecca’s summarized the problem; she stated that there is a common misconception that one can separate faith from their occupations. That statement struck me funny and has left a nagging pull in my mind. As an evangelists and teacher of the Gospel, my calling determines my convictions even greater than my convictions determine my calling. I am called to evangelize so I became a nurse. Daily Disciples is on radio, television, and has the convictions to spread the Gospel through multimedia because of the Great commission. Obviously we are not all called to be evangelists, pastors and teachers. But can we as a Christian people actually separate our faith from our every day life?

Is it possible to compartmentalize our convictions from our callings (or occupations)? Regardless of our occupations to be engineers or contactors or window washers, Jesus Christ makes it clear that our faith is the foundation in which all other things spring. It is from the abundance of our heart that our mouths speak. How can we separate our hearts from what we speak and do?

Is it possible that we do not realize that this life is where eternal life begins? It is in this life on this earth that we come to Christ to enter into eternal life. Jesus said, “I have come to give you life and life abundantly.” (John 10:10) Eternal life starts here, not when we are dead. It is in this life that we develop a relationship with God the Father as we do His will on earth as it is in heaven. The Holy Spirit gives us gifts to do God’s work to bear fruit that has eternal ramifications. We cannot be responsible for others choices but we will be held accountable for our own. We will stand before God someone day alone and give an account of how we used our talents.

As a Christian, is it possible to separate your heart from your head? Yes, but we will have no peace until they align. As a Christian, is it possible to separate our convictions from our calling? No, because if we are truly Christians, our faith impacts the life we live as much as the air we breath. Satan is the prince of the power of the air (Ephesians 2:2). Whose air are we breathing? What kind of life are we living? How do we determine our convictions? Why are we working and for what purpose?

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Luke 12:34

Happy Easter! He has RISEN indeed…

Summary of 2014 Power of Friendship Tour

As we close out this Power of Friendship Tour 2014 year, Bobbye and I visited 11 cities across the nation from Honolulu to New York City. Our final stop was Boston on November 2, 2014. The man who asked us to host these events is Ron Walters, Vice President of Salem Communications Ministry Relations. Here is his summary of the year:

“The Friendship Tour [could] not be clearly defined.But once you see it, you’ll see how terribly unique it is … and difficult to define. It isn’t a clinic, and neither will the attendees walk out with a notebook filled with friendship data, quotes or statistics. I’ve attended 10 of the Friendship Tour stops, and even though I ‘get it’ I still struggle to define it.
I saw an interesting quote from the Chairman of the Psychology Department at Stanford University that said men develop a better and stronger mental health when they have a great friendship with their wife. But women develop a better and stronger mental health when they have great friendships with other women. This event exemplifies that point. Suffice to say, God uses these ladies in a profound way and these events are a powerful tool for Him… It is amazing that at every event God shows up.”

We would like to Thank the Salem Radio Stations who took a risk and partnered with us this year. We met new friends and we saw the Lord move in miraculous ways. Here are some of the Women’s Comments who attended:

  • your presentation connect with the things that people face in life.
  • I learned how to be a committed friend to others and God
  • thank you for being honest
  • the theme was great and the 2 personalities (Bobbye and Tonilee) testimonies and personalities were awesome and how they connected with one another.
  • Everything was fantastic!
  • I loved the honesty –these girls are the REAL DEAL

Thank you for coming to the events. We are looking forward to seeing you next year at the Power of Love 2015. The first event is in our hometown, San Diego on Saturday, January 24 at Point Loma Nazarene University. Early bird special is $20 right now at

Connect with us on twitter: @tonileeadamson    @bbrooksM4W      @dailydisciples

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We value your prayers and support! We love you all…A special thank you to our team: Terri, Emilee, Ruth, Tres, Rhoda, Kathi and Stacie. We have all been through a lot this year and you truly live up to the name “The Gideon Girls” as your faith has made us strong through our weakness to see God move.

All to the Glory of God!