Charity Wings Art Festival-Saturday, May 14th

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SATURDAY, MAY 14, 2016

 10AM – 4PM

North City Drive & Campus Way
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The Difference between Men & Women in Broken Relationships

Bobbye and I asked a friend of ours to be interviewed on our daily radio show. Her name is Donna Scott and she is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Today she came to our office for the recordings. Even though we know Donna, her kindness and sensitivity to share in her clients’ pain and then to wisely and calmly provide counsel to those in broken relationships amaze us. God is using her and mightily moving through her to repair broken hearts and mend broken relationships.

On a side bar conversation, I asked her what the biggest difference is between men and women when struggling in their relationship? Her answer may surprise you…

“When people come in to get healing help for relationship wounds, I notice a difference between the types of injuries found in men versus women in their moments of brokenness. As I counsel men, they generally tend to intellectualize their pain through interpreting life events. They typically sense that no matter what they do, it is not ‘good enough.‘ These feelings frequently create a sense of helplessness and futility. Unfortunately, it is usually manifested as anger or indifference to their partner. Women, on the other hand, are likely to experience their emotional hurt as ‘I’m not worth fighting for.’ This hurt results in lowering her sense of worth and security in the relationship. Her pain is sometimes displayed as anger or nagging. Neither understand that they actually have the same need in common; It is the longing to love and be loved by the one who matters most.”

We all want to be loved. We may not be very good at communicating how we want to be loved and we might not be very good at explaining why we are acting out or withdrawing but the bottom answer is the same.. to be loved. “For God so loved…” and because “God first loved us” we can love. I am certainly thankful our relationship with God is based on His love.

Donna Scott’s contact information is or (619) 500-4653. Calling her may be your first step in learning how to express love and how to receive love from God, others and yourself.

Thank you Donna for sharing your heart with us today and loving others through God’s gift of counseling.

The National Network of Youth Ministries

Tonilee and I have had the privilege over the past several years to work with and assist numerous organizations in the areas of marketing, business development, social media and branding. Non Profits, especially ministries, have one major common cause…serving the Lord through serving others. After spending some quality time with the executive leadership team at the National Network of Youth Ministries, their levels and networks of service are nothing short of phenomenal. But, you or the average person may not be aware of just how much they have done over the years and how many youth ministries they have either influenced or helped start. You may not even know who they are. It’s time.

Here is a snippet of what I discovered about the National Network of Youth Ministries

  • Is the longest running youth ministry network in the country, founded in 1981
  • Created the platform, modeled internationally by youth networks existing today
  • Works with and serves over 750 Youth Leader Networks throughout the United States
  • Has cultivated National and Regional Partnerships with hundreds of denominations and ministry organizations
  • Was Instrumental in launching “See You at the Pole” on a National and Global Level with over 1 Million youth participating
  • Is an ongoing Catalysts/Sponsors for National Conferences representing numerous youth initiatives
  • Convened the original meeting for the Youth Missions Network
  • Created, recruiting mentors for America’s youth, in collaboration with the US Department of Justice
  • Founded “Campus Alliance” –Every Student Every School
  • Host Annual Meeting for Youth Ministry Executive Council (YMAC)
  • Are Active Partners with the Youth Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance
  • Are Youth Ministry Representatives for the National Association of Evangelicals and the Mission America Coalition

Our youth workers, leaders, students, parents, and communities across the United States need to know about the National Network of Youth Ministries and how to support them. Personally, I’ve never met such humble, giving men and women who would rather remain in the background, behind the scenes than boasts about their accomplishments. So, I am going to boast on their behalf and encourage you to check them out. They need our support and prayers to keep up their global mission of connecting youth leaders through the most integrated and interactive networking platform that exist today in youth ministry. That’s NNYM…learn more about them, get involved and reach out in support. Visit for more information.

Authored by Bobbye Brooks

Life After Death

My friend’s husband passed away a few months ago. My friend has now found herself with a new identity of becoming a widow. The Lord asks us to take care of widows and orphans frequently in the Bible so I do feel an added obligation to listen intently and meet their needs.

My friend was talking out loud. There were times of definite grief in her words and then she would try to gain some strength to make plans. I was driving so it was easy to remain quiet as she cycled through these out loud thoughts until she said something that immediately broke my silence.

Her words, “Well, I am 53 and getting older. It’s ok to be a widow. I do not have much longer to live either. I will just be around for my kids until it’s my time to join him.”

I turned my head towards her and said, “You could have another 35 strong years! Age is not a factor in treating cancer or having heart surgery.  My husband did heart surgery on a patient who was 98 years old and the patient did fine. Age is not a factor in determining what you can and cannot do!”

God called Moses into full-time, hard-core ministry at 80 and then He called Joshua at the same age. Who are we to say that we have reached an age to maintain status quo?  Until the Lord returns or we literally go to Him, there is work on this earth to do, discover and explore.

I told my friend, “You need to get into an exercise class, take up a hobby, volunteer at something that fills your heart, become involved with a mission that focuses your prayers. Move, shift gears, be willing to change.”

If we want to admit it or not, there are certain circumstances in life that causes change. We need to embrace the change in honor of the Lord. Keep the faith and push forward.

I think that is why Jesus told us that the death of a spouse frees the remaining spouse. It is much easier to take on the loved-one’s death than to live without the loved-one.

As a former ICU nurse, I have had to deal with life and death issues a lot. Despite our belief system, all of us struggle with sickness, disease, stress disorders, aging bodies and eventually death.  We pray for healing to the day we die because it brings rays of hope. Let’s make every day count instead of counting down every day. Let’s live our lives to the fullest, giving God the glory for the fullest of His faithfulness in giving us one more day. The term “life after death” is true in many aspects.

Friendship takes time & effort…

Today, we spoke at Hope Chapel on Friendship. We love speaking to their women! Debra and Corina run the women’s ministry and they are wonderful. Both have a heart for helping women. This time, we addressed the three keys to friendship. Most women are very social but truly have difficulty with maintaining meaningful friendships.

Social Media has changed how we define “friends.” Facebook allows us to be friends with someone we have never met and we now can post something without ever engaging with those we tell. Texting has hindered us from speaking in full sentences and really sharing from the heart. We can have a lot of friends but not really know anybody. We can have a lot of friends and be completely alone.

My son’s RA told me about a college student who was so uncomfortable with engaging in a conversation that she would text her roommate who was sitting in the same room. The irony was that this gal was a Communications major. Wow, that says a lot!

Bobbye and I shared real life illustrations from our own friendship. We met 11 years ago and now we run 4 companies together. Our motto has been “It ain’t easy.” Today, the feedback was wonderful as many of women told us that they could relate and appreciated our honesty and vulnerability. We do not ever get comfortable with being uncomfortable as we share our own inadequacies with a group of strangers.  

God values friendships. There are not many married couples as role models in the New Testament. The leaders were the disciples that went out two by two (ie. Peter and John/Barnabbas and Saul) and the women are together in the faith also. Their commitment to Christ and then to each other are the key components that spread the Gospel.

Jesus now calls us Friends. As we become His friend, we learn how to become friendly towards others. Friendship takes time and effort but Friendship gives a lot more than it takes.

Tonilee Adamson

A club or a church?

Yesterday, I was talking with a woman who was explaining to me why she left a certain church. She basically felt like she could not bring others to her church because they would be judged for their appearance and lifestyle. She felt like her church was more like a club than a church. If she did not feel comfortable bringing a seeker to that church, then she felt she needed to change churches.

I hear this kind of complaint a lot. It is as if people are asking for their church to represent the Love of Christ but not the Laws of Christianity. Are some churches more like clubs today? Clubs attract likeminded people: people to be a certain way, live a certain way, act a certain way and pay their bill.

I used to frequently go to a tennis club during my high school years. I was not a member but a guest. However, I do remember that one of my peers was a member who broke his foot. After a while, he felt uncomfortable hanging out at the club because his injury prevented him from doing club events. It is funny to think that a nonmember would be more comfortable than a paying member. Christians sometimes feel the same way. If you are hurting, struggling, actively sinning or sense a lack of victory, you might feel like you do not belong for a season.

Just know that we are saved not because of our righteousness but because of Christ extending His righteousness to us. Jesus welcomed failures and those who were honest about their shortcomings. Jesus accepted all types, at all places. Who did He reject?

Even if you are in that season right now, remember that the Lord never leaves you or forsakes you. Just because people might disappoint you, the Lord knows and understands. Continue to turn to Him. Get your eyes off of others and on to Him. Only He can heal you and save you from yourself.

As for the church club thing, it is nice to sense the feeling of belonging. There is nothing wrong with being with likeminded people. If you do not feel welcomed at a certain church, the issues might not be the church but that it is time for you to make a change. God is not limited to places, times or events. Go where He leads and brings others with you…