…the God of Hope…

Because the Power of Hope Women’s Conference is approaching, I have been praying a lot about Hope. What is our definition of hope? What is God’s definition of hope? Hope is not a fruit or a gift of the Spirit. So how do we have it, keep it, get it? Can we “hope” that our prayer will be answered? Does our hope waver when we discover God did not answer our prayer?

President Obama ran his campaign using the word “hope,” which makes hope seem subjective as we can make it be whatever we want. But the Apostle Paul obviously believed hope was objective as he states that there are three components for life and godliness, “Faith, Hope and Love but the greatest of these is Love.” Love is tangible to those who love; faith is definitive by acknowledging God through prayer, but hope is more evasive even though it makes the top three.

John the Baptist had hope in Jesus the Messiah who baptized with fire, which was greater than his water baptisms. However, when John the Baptist found himself in jail for speaking the truth, his hope of who he wanted Jesus to be and what he wanted Jesus to do for him wavered. He suddenly lost his hope because the circumstances did not pan out as he had hoped.

And what about us? What is our definition of hope? Do we maintain hope when all seems hopeless? Hope in what? Hope for what?

It is time to define “hope.” It is time to embrace hope as an attribute every person needs to breathe. It is time to be hopeful…not in something but in Someone. We have a future and a hope because Jesus Christ moves mountains in our lives even if He helps us to shovel the mountain away one pile of dirt at a time. Our hope is not in the changing of circumstances but in the unchanging, ever-loving God of all creation who can change us.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. (Romans 15:13)

Hope is an attribute of God. The more we seek God, the more we find Hope. If we stop believing in a loving God because of our circumstances, then we will become hopeless. Job became hopeless for a season but seasons change. It is best to Hope in God and seek the God of Hope who will fill you with joy and peace.

The Power of Hope Women’s Conference is being held in San Diego California on Saturday, January 30 from 9-4. Tickets are only $25, including lunch. Do you need hope? Do you know of someone who needs to hear about the message of hope? We not only hope so, we know it! For more information, go to www.dailydisciples.org

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photoYesterday, I had the privilege to hear Meadowlark Lemon from the Harlem Globetrotters speak at a Thrivent Financial Seminar.  As a kid through my adult years, I remember watching him do all those fancy basketball moves and amazing hoop shots. He was entertaining, talented and very inspiring!  Today he is not as agile or as tall as I had pictured him, but Meadowlark still has a radiant smile and a contagious joy. He is a humble and kind man.

He opened his message by quoting Romans 1:16 “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes.” He then opened his Bible and said that he is an ordained minister today. Wow!

His main point became evident.  This legendary basketball player was very humble, thankful and still amazed by the opportunities he enjoyed throughout the years. It always surprised him that others took notice of him and thought he was special. Meadowlark shared two stories of how he overcame the pressure to find peace in extremely stressful tryouts when first starting his basketball career. He said that it had to do with the encouraging words of others who spoke to him by name. I immediately thought of the Lord saying that He knows our name and calls us by name (John 10:3) as He is our Good Shepherd. Am I listening to the Lord and trusting His lead? Does His voice calm my fears? Do I hear Him call my name louder than I feel the stress of the situation? Does peace reign over panic and trust reign over turmoil because He promises to love me, lead me and protect me? Is the gospel so real in the depths of my heart that I am not ashamed of it and can I say that I am not ashamed of the work of God in my life–even through the traumas and dramas day to day? I could really sense the Lord’s presence as Meadowlark spoke. God clearly had a message for me. I prayed, “Lord, are you telling me that I need to be joyful in all circumstances? Are you telling me that I am not finding peace through Your presence? Let me know and change me.”

He then gave credit to Jesus’ words in John 15:11, “These things I have spoken to you, that My joy may remain in you, and that your joy may be full.” It was clear that his life experiences did not make him humble and joyful; instead, it was his relationship with Christ that made him joyful to appreciate his life experiences.

Meadowlark Lemon closed by saying, “I give away a basketball at every speaking event and today I am choosing this woman in the front row who has been smiling at me.” It was me! To my amazement, he threw the basketball to me and then said, “You catch like a girl.” I did not think that was so bad since I am a girl. But I thought it was great that on the basketball, it has his signature with his number 36 and “Hall of Fame 2003.” Later, he wrote my name above his name. Wow, he chose me and by it, the Lord confirmed to me that I too need to maintain and sustain the joy of Lord as evidently as this amazing man.

There is no reason why God chose us to have a relationship with Him. However, He sees our faces before Him, knows our name and calms our anxious hearts (if we choose to let Him). Does our attitude reflect the joy of the Lord?

In our travels of the United States with the women’s friendship tour, we receive prayer requests from women who are struggling with many, many very serious life circumstances. All of us will struggle in this world: debt, death, divorce, depression, health, relationships… BUT the joy of the Lord can be our strength. God has given each of us gifts and talents to be used for His glory on earth as it is in heaven. We too can be thankful regardless of our circumstances. God loves us and He is faithful. Set your mind on things above as God understands your deepest hurt. Let Him heal you, keep His commandments, abide in His love and allow Jesus Christ’s joy to fill you. (And let me tell you…I am preaching to myself and now I have a basketball sitting in my favorite chair to remind me!)

Please know we are here to pray for you…www.dailydisciples.org

Video Clips from Past Conferences with Bobbye and Tonilee…A Good Laugh

As we embark on a nationwide tour with the Power of Friendship Women’s Conferences, (for dates and cities, please visit www.FriendshipConference.com), we thought we would share some of our favorite moments with these videos. God is so faithful and amazing to keep us going. As you will see, it is not always easy on this journey of walking in faith and following the Lord’s leading. We are so grateful for God’s patience and mercy, as we continue to serve through the ministry of Daily Disciples. We hope you enjoy the clips and maybe get to know us for who we truly are….a little crazy.

 Bobbye and Tonilee Discuss their first Time on Radio

Bobbye and Tonilee Share Their Very First Webcast Test

Bobbye and Tonilee Discuss the Challenges of Having a Prayer Partner

Bobbye and Tonilee: Friendship is Not Easy

Bobbye is NOT from Southern California

We are looking forward to seeing you across the US this year. Please check out the cities and dates at www.FriendshipConference.com. We launch in Phoenix on Saturday, February 8th! Tickets are still available but REGISTER HERE as seating is limited.

Our 9th Annual Women’s Conference will be held in San Diego on Saturday, February 22nd. Tickets are on sale at www.DailyDisciples.org.

Come out and let’s have some FUN together!

The National Network of Youth Ministries

Tonilee and I have had the privilege over the past several years to work with and assist numerous organizations in the areas of marketing, business development, social media and branding. Non Profits, especially ministries, have one major common cause…serving the Lord through serving others. After spending some quality time with the executive leadership team at the National Network of Youth Ministries, their levels and networks of service are nothing short of phenomenal. But, you or the average person may not be aware of just how much they have done over the years and how many youth ministries they have either influenced or helped start. You may not even know who they are. It’s time.

Here is a snippet of what I discovered about the National Network of Youth Ministries

  • Is the longest running youth ministry network in the country, founded in 1981
  • Created the platform, modeled internationally by youth networks existing today
  • Works with and serves over 750 Youth Leader Networks throughout the United States
  • Has cultivated National and Regional Partnerships with hundreds of denominations and ministry organizations
  • Was Instrumental in launching “See You at the Pole” on a National and Global Level with over 1 Million youth participating
  • Is an ongoing Catalysts/Sponsors for National Conferences representing numerous youth initiatives
  • Convened the original meeting for the Youth Missions Network
  • Created http://www.MentorYouth.com, recruiting mentors for America’s youth, in collaboration with the US Department of Justice
  • Founded “Campus Alliance” –Every Student Every School
  • Host Annual Meeting for Youth Ministry Executive Council (YMAC)
  • Are Active Partners with the Youth Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance
  • Are Youth Ministry Representatives for the National Association of Evangelicals and the Mission America Coalition

Our youth workers, leaders, students, parents, and communities across the United States need to know about the National Network of Youth Ministries and how to support them. Personally, I’ve never met such humble, giving men and women who would rather remain in the background, behind the scenes than boasts about their accomplishments. So, I am going to boast on their behalf and encourage you to check them out. They need our support and prayers to keep up their global mission of connecting youth leaders through the most integrated and interactive networking platform that exist today in youth ministry. That’s NNYM…learn more about them, get involved and reach out in support. Visit www.YouthWorkers.net for more information.

Authored by Bobbye Brooks

The Power of Friendship Conference-Phoenix February 8th

If you live in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler areas, grab your friends and join us on Saturday, February 8th for a day of fun, fellowship and friends. Learn what it means to be a friend of God and friends with each other. Tickets are on sale now. REGISTER HERE  Give us a call at 800-992-0369 and visit www.FriendshipConference.com for all of the details.


Would You Like to Volunteer?

“What’s the Point?”

Last night, Bobbye and I had the Power of Friendship Volunteer meeting and then we went straight into Bible study. Sometimes we teach together and sometimes we teach apart. I had a message prepared for Joshua 3 but knew during the homework question and answer time that the message was more for me than for the group. So during testimonial time, I passed Bobbye a note and said, “I have nothing to say.”

Bobbye is a great friend and after doing radio side by side for years now, she understands the implications of such a “last minute, on the spot” note. Bobbye will need to pick up the ball and go with it. After all these years, we have learned some fundamental prinicipals about our gifts and calling. She is clearly a motivational speaker who can teach and I am a indepth teacher who can motivate. But even though I can teach, I will not until I know what the Lord wants me to teach. At this point in the study–LIVE-, I had nothing to say.

Bobbye began teaching Joshua Chapter 3. She did an amazing job as she spoke on obstacles. Everything she said helped me tremendously and I knew that I needed to learn from her. Probably 20 minutes into her explanation, I knew what I needed to teach. The message became very clear and I had an outline in my mind that did start with Joshua and would circle back to Joshua.

So as a group we go from Joshual 3 to Isaiah 43:1-2 to Romans 11 to Isaiah 43:3-5 back to Joshua 3:7-10. When we turned to Romans, Bobbye whispered to me on the front of the stage, “What’s your point?” Even after 12 years of hearing comments like that from her to me and me to her, I still felt the blood drain from my face. Have you ever felt that way? In the middle of stepping out, someone you respect asks you to “get to the point” or even worse “do you have a point?”

Well, when I was done, she got it which did not as nearly concern me as being obedient to step out in teaching because of the Lord . Praise God, the fruit was evident immediately. And right now I just received a text from Rosalynda that said, ” WOW, amazing teaching. I just had the revelation that we (Christians) have become like  Israel, so it was awesome confirmation.”

Sometimes you have to go with the prompting of the Spirit within you. Sometimes you have to be obedient to the Lord regardless of the comments or challenges of people you love, respect and/or honor deeply within your heart.

Be encouraged. Keep stepping out. God knows the thoughts, intents and motives of your heart. It will be ok…

Tonilee Adamson

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Friendship takes time & effort…

Today, we spoke at Hope Chapel on Friendship. We love speaking to their women! Debra and Corina run the women’s ministry and they are wonderful. Both have a heart for helping women. This time, we addressed the three keys to friendship. Most women are very social but truly have difficulty with maintaining meaningful friendships.

Social Media has changed how we define “friends.” Facebook allows us to be friends with someone we have never met and we now can post something without ever engaging with those we tell. Texting has hindered us from speaking in full sentences and really sharing from the heart. We can have a lot of friends but not really know anybody. We can have a lot of friends and be completely alone.

My son’s RA told me about a college student who was so uncomfortable with engaging in a conversation that she would text her roommate who was sitting in the same room. The irony was that this gal was a Communications major. Wow, that says a lot!

Bobbye and I shared real life illustrations from our own friendship. We met 11 years ago and now we run 4 companies together. Our motto has been “It ain’t easy.” Today, the feedback was wonderful as many of women told us that they could relate and appreciated our honesty and vulnerability. We do not ever get comfortable with being uncomfortable as we share our own inadequacies with a group of strangers.  

God values friendships. There are not many married couples as role models in the New Testament. The leaders were the disciples that went out two by two (ie. Peter and John/Barnabbas and Saul) and the women are together in the faith also. Their commitment to Christ and then to each other are the key components that spread the Gospel.

Jesus now calls us Friends. As we become His friend, we learn how to become friendly towards others. Friendship takes time and effort but Friendship gives a lot more than it takes.

Tonilee Adamson

The amazing power of friendship.. what a conference!

Well, it has taken this long to slow down and get perspective over last weekend’s event. Bobbye and I held our 6th annual Women’s Conference in San Diego. This year’s theme was the Power of Friendship. We had over 1200 in attendance and a jammed packed day. Because the theme was friendship, it seemed like everyone was extra friendly. I met so many great women and had a blast. One gal came up to me in the middle of the day and asked if I was having as much fun as it seemed. The answer was, “Absolutely.”  Those kinds of days are precious. God brought all types of women together to encourage each other and be touched by Him through the conversations of others. And we have to admit that Point Loma’s campus is a great place to get away for the day.

Today, we went through the resources. We sold out of our Spiritual Warfare study and 4-CD set. We also sold out of the Prayer Journals teaching CD. Because of that, we decided to keep it at a discounted price for the month. If you are interested, email us at info@dailydisciples.org

When I think of how much this conference has grown, I stand amazed. We serve an Awesome God who knows best and will do whatever it takes to get you where you need to be. I can’t believe how much I tried to fight His plan for me. My thoughts have had to be conformed to His thoughts and I am just thankful that I learned to surrender from my heart to change the wrong thoughts in my head. God has so much more for us but we tend to be the object that gets in the way of allowing Him to answer our prayers. Silly but true.

Many of the women who attended and filled out the evaluation cards asked for Bobbye and me to teach more. They greatly appreciated the teaching and wrote down, “more teaching.” The day was not designed for teaching but we can’t help ourselves, so I am thankful that it was so appreciated. I also appreciate all the women who raised their hands to come to Christ (around 125) and of course, those women who came down to the altar seeking God’s empowerment for a committed life (around 600+).

We cannot forget our final song… (we will think of that as our goodbye hug)…to remember the day and the goodness of God in the midst of it all. His Spirit was absolutely present and we are humbled and grateful to be women who are called to glorify Him together… with all our friends. Go to http://dailydisciples.org to see some cool pictures of our new friends!

If you are interested in receiving more teaching, we are going to be doing a live Bible study and an online Bible study in the book of Ephesians starting in March. Webcasting is very easy to do. If you need clarification or more information, be sure to click on to www.dailydisciples.org or call 888-727-7206.

Also, we will be back on KPRZ radio this Saturday 1210AM at 10:00 am. Be sure to call in! We would love to hear how God touched you throughout the day.

Much love to you all and for those of you who could not attend, you were missed!            ——Tonilee