Is there is a Right Position to Pray?

What is the position of our prayer life?

The position of prayer can be physical like on our knees or face down but let’s consider our spiritual position in prayer. Spiritually speaking, where are we positioned in Christ when we pray? Colossians 3 tells us we are seated in the “heavenlies”. Paul states that Jesus is seated at the right hand of God the Father and we are now seated with Him. Then we are instructed to set our minds on things above, not on earthly things.

If we took the mental position of setting our minds with Jesus seated in the heaven-lies and then look down on our lives from His perspective, what would we see? How would it impact our prayer life if we prayed for things from Jesus’s point of view? We would see things differently as a result of pulling ourselves out of ourselves to see:

  • how we are acting?
  • how we are communicating?
  • what buttons are being pushed that keep us troubled?
  • where are we getting stuck?

If we really understood our position in Christ, our prayers would change. We would not be so reactive but would be proactive to pray without the emotional pulls.

In prayer, we need to learn to see our circumstances from God’s perspective. We might then consider to stop praying about all the moving, distracting, emotionally draining things, and start praying for what Jesus wants for us and from us in any given situation. We might just see that the Lord does not want to change the situation but to actually change us.

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