Section from our Summer Newsletter

We all know that there are four seasons in this life and each season brings different life experiences. There are also seasons within each life. Sometimes we plant new activities and cultivate new relationships and sometimes we stop engaging with organizations or groups of people. We find ourselves in constant states of transition and seasons of life. Although change is good, it takes time to embrace the change.

A great example is smoking. Yes, it is a good change to stop smoking, but the season of breaking the habit is not good or easy. What will you do to replace the time and the activities associated with the habit? In time, the benefits far outweigh the habit but the season of stopping and quitting is difficult.

Why are we addressing transition in this summer newsletter? Primarily because we are about to transition from the season of summer to fall. Bobbye and I have heard many people say things like…”Maybe it will be better in the fall when Bible study starts up again” and “Maybe my life will be more organized in the fall.” We tend to look for the help to change as a result of the new season instead of realizing we are in continual seasons of change and need to look to the Lord daily for help.

I really believe the Lord is NOT as hard on us as we are on ourselves. Our expectations for ourselves are so unrealistic of what we want to accomplish or how great we want something to be that we set ourselves up for disappointment. Then, we do not realize that we project our expectations on to others and become angry and disillusioned when life is not what we expected.

This past year, Bobbye and I have been on national tour preaching and teaching the Gospel. The response has been the same at every city regardless of culture, denomination, age or background. But we have also noticed that the women’s struggles are the same too. We are expecting more from God than what He has already done for us. God has not placed a burden on us that we cannot handle and yet we expect God to perform miracles for us as if He is a genie wishing to grant our every prayer request.

At some point, prayer needs to bring us peace. We receive the peace of God that surpasses understanding when we pray. If we are not receiving His peace in prayer, we need to change our prayers. He is on the Throne. God is God and God will do what God does best despite our opinions of His timing and His ways. Our prayers will not turn a dog into a cat. We will not experience His peace in prayer if we expect God to submit to our ways and our timing.

Jesus knew His mission on earth. He was called to be the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world through His death. He was still praying immediately prior to his arrest for the Father to make another way. His prayer was not answered but He found the peace through prayer to walk out God’s will. There have been many things in mine and Bobbye’s lives we have begged God to change. Honestly, when I realized He was not going to intervene like I asked (even expected), I went through a season of anger, anxiety and living daily with a troubled heart. At some point, I realized God knows we will experience all these emotions but He wants us to know what to do with them..continue to talk it out with Him. He can handle our anger, our confusion and our disappointment. He is God and there is no other. No one else can give you answers or heal your inner soul. No parent, child, friend or counselor can repair your broken heart. And we need to remember…in life, we go through seasons.

There are seasons of questions and then seasons of answers. After wrestling for many months, God opened my mind and taught me a huge lesson, which brought His inner peace. I realized that Jesus is now in heaven interceding for us at the right hand of the Father; He is not in heaven today still complaining to the Father about the unanswered prayer on earth. The choice is ours: We can choose to be angry and bitter that God did not intervene the way we expected or asked. And those feelings can imprint on every changing season. We then can die in hopes to complain face to face to God (sounds ridiculous, but that is how we act). Or we can submit to God, like Jesus, and continue to love God, walk with God and bless others, through every seasons in life.

We, at Daily Disciples Ministries, say “THANK YOU!” for your continued prayers and support as we are continuing to grow and change through the seasons of life. Our true desire is to proclaiming the Gospel globally.That prayer is being answered but it’s not easy! And we cannot do it alone.

We know that God has called us as a body of believers to work together to accomplish the visions and tasks beyond ourselves. None of us can give something we do not have. We cannot continue to give without your support. Please prayerfully consider a donation of any amount today. God will multiply the fish and loaves but we have to be willing to give them to Him first.

We hope to see you soon!

Bobbye & Tonilee

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