Summary of 2014 Power of Friendship Tour

As we close out this Power of Friendship Tour 2014 year, Bobbye and I visited 11 cities across the nation from Honolulu to New York City. Our final stop was Boston on November 2, 2014. The man who asked us to host these events is Ron Walters, Vice President of Salem Communications Ministry Relations. Here is his summary of the year:

“The Friendship Tour [could] not be clearly defined.But once you see it, you’ll see how terribly unique it is … and difficult to define. It isn’t a clinic, and neither will the attendees walk out with a notebook filled with friendship data, quotes or statistics. I’ve attended 10 of the Friendship Tour stops, and even though I ‘get it’ I still struggle to define it.
I saw an interesting quote from the Chairman of the Psychology Department at Stanford University that said men develop a better and stronger mental health when they have a great friendship with their wife. But women develop a better and stronger mental health when they have great friendships with other women. This event exemplifies that point. Suffice to say, God uses these ladies in a profound way and these events are a powerful tool for Him… It is amazing that at every event God shows up.”

We would like to Thank the Salem Radio Stations who took a risk and partnered with us this year. We met new friends and we saw the Lord move in miraculous ways. Here are some of the Women’s Comments who attended:

  • your presentation connect with the things that people face in life.
  • I learned how to be a committed friend to others and God
  • thank you for being honest
  • the theme was great and the 2 personalities (Bobbye and Tonilee) testimonies and personalities were awesome and how they connected with one another.
  • Everything was fantastic!
  • I loved the honesty –these girls are the REAL DEAL

Thank you for coming to the events. We are looking forward to seeing you next year at the Power of Love 2015. The first event is in our hometown, San Diego on Saturday, January 24 at Point Loma Nazarene University. Early bird special is $20 right now at

Connect with us on twitter: @tonileeadamson    @bbrooksM4W      @dailydisciples

And we are expanding our radio presence so we will keep you updated through

We value your prayers and support! We love you all…A special thank you to our team: Terri, Emilee, Ruth, Tres, Rhoda, Kathi and Stacie. We have all been through a lot this year and you truly live up to the name “The Gideon Girls” as your faith has made us strong through our weakness to see God move.

All to the Glory of God!



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