The Last Word


Last weekend on our radio show, we discussed the newly announced lifestyle conference being hosted by Oprah and Joel Osteen. We received pretty heated emails of how Joel is compromising and people went so far to say that he should not be a pastor.

 This week, we discussed the Noah movie. It also has brought about heated comments and controversy.

Personally, I will not see the movie because I believe I have more ability to engage the culture by explaining what the Bible says instead of what the movie did not say. As Christians, we have to remain positive and on the side of the loving God. We are to not to condemn, judge or attack but to live, love and laugh at the blindness of the world. The world has no power over us. Jesus Christ is victor regardless of the culture. Let’s talk about Jesus. Let’s be above reproach because He is eternal and we will be with Him for eternity. Let’s live like we believe in a higher calling, worshiping the Only God who has the last word about everything…in heaven and on earth.


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