Die. Get Buried. Come back Alive. No Problem!

This quote was on the wall in the Foothills Christian Church Children’s Center. I kept reading it while preaching last night, “Die. Get Buried. Come back Alive. No Problem!” That same resurrection power lives in us today. Because Jesus Christ rose from the dead, today we have “no problem” to live a life of freedom to know Him, love Him, learn from Him, be like Him and please Him. Jesus Christ can take our dry, dead bones that are lying on top of the ground and breath life, liberty, light and love into them. Do you feel those bones rattling? Do you sense His breath reviving your spirit? Do you know that He has the power to resurrect you from your status quo daily existence to an on fire, power filled believer? We are not talking about resuscitating your irregular heart beat but resurrecting and transforming your life?

If Jesus has the power to take care of our eternity, can we not live for Him today? Last night, at the women’s study, we were reminded that we have 100% of the Holy Spirit living within us…we have enough of Him to have our name on the attendance list in heaven. But we are not in heaven yet…we need to ask daily to be filled to overflowing. Ephesians 5:18 …but be filled with the Spirit or in other words, “keep be… being… filled.” It is not a passive thing since we have come to Christ. It is an active daily thing to continue to walk out this life with Christ.

I want to hear “Well done, good and faithful servant” some day. We only have the ability to please the Lord while walking it out on earth. Will you join us in prayer and come alongside us to work out our salvation while we still have today?

Ephesians Bible Study, Tuesday nights from 7-8:30pm at Foothills Christian Church or online live or via video tape later. There is no excuse. God has made a way for you to participate in some form or fashion. $15 for all 7 weeks…call 800.992.0369 or go to dailydisciples.org


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