Staying Humble

I get this new Logos Bible software. I was completely convinced during the presentation of how easy it is to use. I’m overly excited and so ready to begin studying with a new toy…I mean, tool!

So after the second installation and the second phone call to the company, finally the technician on the other side is also as dumbfounded as me. Why me? Don’t you think that the Lord would realize that I might not want to study any longer because of all the issues it takes to attempt to try to study?

 There were many other things I could be doing considering our Freedom Conference is this weekend. I do not believe my calling is meet a new computer tech, even if he does know the Bible and how to study it better than me. I found out that the problem was the loading of the program on the Mac’s new operating system, not the program itself. That made me feel much better! And the technician, Steve at Logos, was very nice! I couldn’t believe how he could access my computer remotely. 

Well, it was worth the fight. I love the software!  It’s funny how dumb I had to feel in order to feel so smart with my new program. God has a way of keeping us humbled.



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