Praying for Healing

On Nov 7, 2013, at 10:22 AM:

I love these kinds of emails and I love it that we are coming together to pray for the needs of others. Because of my nursing background, I have been around the sick and death a lot. It does get confusing of when we are to pray for healing, especially when it seems evident that impending death is near. Here is an email from an amazing and wise woman of God who is a true shepherdess for many Christian and nonChristian women.

I have a gal that came to my Bible study only a couple times and moved away.  She remains on my daily devo list and is an amazing, loving woman and feels she has the gift of prayer over illness and disease and her prayers are mighty.  Below is a response to a prayer request I sent out this morning for a young child.  I want to respond to my gals using scripture and encouragement, I don’t want them to be confused or think that disease is linked to sin or separation from God and that many, many saints died of various illness.  Geez, we can’t live forever, we have to die of something.  I’m not sure how to respond.  Your counsel and thoughts would be appreciated.   Thanks.  Judy
From TL back to Judy:


 You are right, we all die of something. And there are times that the Lord wants little children in heaven (like He said, heaven is filled with little children)…although that seems so disheartening to us.
Sometimes I believe that the Lord allows the child to enter heaven before the age of accountability so other unwise choices are not made in our growing years.
When it comes to healing prayers, the sick want others to pray for their healing right up to their last breath. It is good to pray in confidence for a miracle. Prayer gives hope because we are acknowledging God who has conquered death and is on the other side of it for us. However, we will submit to God’s will as He has finally authority over life and death.
Hope that helps. If not, let me know and I will address it more directly.
You are doing a beautiful job with these girls, Judy. Your labor of love is evident.

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