Owning the Good and Bad

Yesterday, a dear friend challenged my thinking after I described a situation that embarrassed me. She said, “Why do you own the bad things that happen in life but you do not own the good?” I thought about her words throughout the night and actually went to the Lord for further clarity.

Think about it: When we were young, we were punished for the bad choices we made. However, when something good happened, we were told, “That’s because you are just like your mother (or father)” or “that was not a result of you but God doing the good thing.” In other words, we own the bad but not the good. No wonder why we carry so much guilt all the time. We do not want to live in pride or arrogance so we do not consider the good as much as we repent, confess and feel condemned over the bad.

For each of us, there are strong and weak traits. There are strong and weak gifts. There are strong and weak characteristics. As a person, we own both. For the weaker areas, we have a choice to get help or to work on developing them to become stronger. For the stronger areas, we have the ability to use them accordingly, hopefully to help others.

God is over all of us. He should seek Him in the good and the bad. We have been bought with a price so He is now able to work through all of us for His purpose and intention.

Boy, I need to relax. God has called us to peace and He has filled us with His Holy Spirit as a guarantee that we are His. Some day, when roll is called in heaven, our names are on the attendee list. Praise God! Life is a journey so no one ever arrives while walking it out. However, each foot step forward can be lit along the way with God’s love and wisdom. There will be good and bad along the path but we know that where God’s finger points, there God’s hand will make a way.

Today we are blessed and we can be at peace when owning both the good and the bad.

Tonilee Adamson


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