Happy Mother’s Day

Yesterday, Bobbye and I spoke at a Women’s Tea in Manhattan Beach. Because it was the day before Mother’s Day, many women who are mothers were honored in the room. There were also many women in the room who were not mothers for a variety of reasons. Some of them said that they did not have the desire. I respect their convictions but it was so foreign to me. My identity tends to be wrapped up in my roles. I have always wanted to be a wife and mother so for some reason, I just assumed that was God’s will for me too. But what would it have been like to not have the desire and then find yourself in the role of a mother?  Every day, your dependency would have to be on the Lord or you would live a very frustrating life. Even for those of us who longed to have children, it is not an easy role.

One of the gals in our weekly Bible study is an extremely high functioning adult in an amazing job and newly married. She is past the years of child bearing. She shared that every mother’s day, she gives her dog a special meal and some extra treats. We all laughed and appreciated  her ability to bring humor into her hurt.  On the flip side, we also have women in the room who long for a restored relationship with their children. Funny how life plays itself out. Life comes down to trusting in the Lord regardless of the circumstances. God is faithful and at some point, we need to be ok with where we are today. It is in the surrender of trusting Him that we learn patience, self control and endurance. I have to also say that it is a choice to remain on His side through it all. Really…do we want to become better or bitter? Today on our radio show, Bobbye said that we need to guard against bitterness as each one of us is responsible to pull out its root when we sense it growing in our hearts. It is easier said than done but the key is recognizing it and asking the Lord to help you.

Again, Happy Mother’s Day to all who have a mother!Image


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