Friend with God

It’s been one week since the Power of Friendship Conference. Every day since the conference, I have thought about writing a blog and every day my thoughts have been scattered and I have been tired.

Doing this event every year is like preparing for a wedding. However, there is no honeymoon and there are evaluation cards. Thankfully, the evaluations were wonderful. But we do the event to honor God not man. Was God pleased? Well, we had at least 45 first time commitments to Christ and hundreds of women came to the front to recommit their lives to the Lord’s will for them.

During the day, we highlighted two ministries to bring awareness, potential volunteers and financial support. We collected $4030 which was divided in half and given to each ministry.

I think this was the first year that immediately after this event both Bobbye and I both agreed to do the event again next year. We met with KPRZ’s team yesterday and they too agreed that they want to be our partner again for next year.

Please hear me because I really need to say a few things from “the behind the scenes” perspective to help those who step out. If you step out in obedience to God, the calling tends to affect others– not only you. As a result, the very task you were asked to do through the Spirit of God can cause huge disappointments and even confusion and frustration to you.

Why? Well, it’s like being a friend of God. Abraham did not realize he was a friend of God. Others told us like Isaiah and James, not Abraham. If anything, Abraham struggled with God’s ways like with the timing of Isaac’s birth and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Moses was called a faithful servant of God. He spent a lot of time with the Lord but it was about reverence and obedience, not really friendship.

Today, Jesus calls us friends. We are friends with God but that does not mean that the work of God seems very friendly in our lives at times. We love the Lord so we want to serve Him but serving Him can bring confusion, hurt, disappointment and tears. Many times, those emotions are generated by the very people you stepped out in obedience and faith to help. There were some friends of ours who could not come that day. It hurt. There were some members of our team who wanted more from us than we could give. That hurt.

I am saying…just because you know what God wants of you does not mean that He has given that revelation to others. We need to be obedient to God and leave the results to Him. We will stand before the Lord alone some day. We need to make sure we are living to please Him alone too.

Thank you to all who attended. Thank you to June Hunt and Ron Walters who traveled very far to be with us that day. June, you were wonderful. Thank you to KPRZ, Leah Gowin, Deanna Ramsay, Crimson Bridge and your honesty…Carol LeBeau. Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers. We could not have done it without you! And thank You Lord for giving us the strength, courage and tangible fruit as an encouragement to continue in doing this work.  In Jesus name alone, we pray…we hope… and we move on.

Next blog…pictures from the Event.


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