Long Lasting Friendships

Every year, the conference stories are amazing that I am surprised to be surprised by them again. This year, I have answered our secondary line a lot so I have had the privilege of hearing the testimonies from previous years first hand.

A woman called in to buy 5 tickets for the Power of Friendship Conference and told me how the previous conferences created long lasting friendships for her. She then told me this amazing story that 3 years ago she had attended the conference. At that conference, we were promoting a retreat at Forest Home the following month. The woman said to me that she was going through a horrible divorce and did not have the money to attend but definitely had the desire! So she walked to the retreat table in the lobby and said to the volunteer, “I want to go but I cannot afford it.” The stranger standing next to her said, “How much can you afford?”

The stranger paid half for this woman’s registration to attend the retreat and they roomed together. Now 3 years later, this same woman I am on the phone with  is buying her friend’s ticket to attend this year”s conference.

I have heard so many amazing stories about friendships developing, ministries beginning and people changing as a result of these conferences. I have to also say that if it was not for these stories, we would have stopped doing these conferences years ago. The road is truly narrow and our flesh is truly weak.

Bobbye and I would appreciate your prayers if you cannot attend and we are more than willing to help anyone in need who want to attend. How else will you find long lasting friendships if you do not step out to meet new people?

I have met many of you now over the phone. Thank you for being you! You are all so kind and wonderful. Can’t wait to meet you this Saturday and connect the voice with the face!

And we do not have a retreat set up for this year. I am welcoming suggestions before Saturday if you have any.

Tonilee Adamson


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