And It Was Very Good…

3_Book_package_mediumIt is January 1, 2013 today. Deep within my spirit, I knew for the past few weeks that I would read Genesis 1 on this day. I found myself procrastinating because I take on that haughty attitude of asking myself, “Why do I have to read Genesis 1 again on January 1?” For the past 20+ years I have read Genesis 1 on January 1 and for a person who does not have traits of OCD, the thought of doing something ritualistically seems like a very good reason to NOT do it again. However, I knew I would read Genesis 1 because I also sensed the Lord prompting me to read it.

So the question became, “How can I read Genesis 1 in a different light or with a different twist?” There is a shelf in my bedroom which holds most of the Bibles I have read throughout the years.  Some of them are reading plan Bibles but all of them represent a different version, color, font size, commentary and thickness. A friend of mine asked to me during one of the Bible study classes if I change Bibles according to my outfit? The question caught me off guard but I thought it was a clever question considering how often I do try to match my belt with my shoes. If you have as many Bibles as belts, why not match them in a women’s Bible study group? No, this is not my intention in when teaching the Bible but I did appreciate her keen observation of my Bible preference for that week.

Any way, staring up at the Bibles on the shelf, I thought about my Joel Osteen devotional of the day. He actually wrote about Joyce and Dave Meyer and how they began their ministry. I have a purple Bible that is in the Amplified version from a Joyce Meyer conference. I pulled that one down and opened to Genesis 1.

WOW! God is so good… His mercy is new every morning and somehow, Genesis 1 becomes new every year. This is what I learned this time this year:

Genesis 1:4 “And God saw that the light was good (suitable, pleasant) and He approved it.”

Genesis 1:31 “And God saw everything that He had made and behold, it was very good (suitable, pleasant). And He approved it completely.”

God creates light and approved it but by the time He is done creating it all of creation, He approved it completely. I immediately thought of God telling us that He is faithful to complete what He has started in  us, His new creation in Christ. We are workmen called to be approved and faithful servants but He is God promising us that the work He is doing in our lives will be “good” or suitable and pleasant for His purposes.

Time to stop fighting the struggles, doubts and the things that cause us to be double minded and to start trusting Him. Time to rest in His sovereignty and praise the work of His hands, which includes us! He is a loving God who we can depend upon. It’s time for our lives to start reflecting His peace and yield to transformation through His love.

I guess re-reading Genesis 1 is like reminding myself of the book Building Divine Intimacy, prayer journaling and reading daily devotionals.  Some things we have to be reminded of and some things we need to learn in a completely new light and some things are just best for us if we repeat the action over and over again.

As He said, “it was very good.”


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