Spiritual Warfare Bible Study

Are you experiencing confusion, frustration, restlessness or worry? Are you getting tired of trying so hard but feel like you are losing so easily?

As I was heading to a prayer meeting last night, I asked the Lord, “When can the verse ‘You have the mind of Christ’ become my covering and mindset instead of ‘your ways are not My Ways and your thoughts are not My Thoughts’? I felt stuck with a defeated Old Testament mentality instead sensing the power of the Holy Spirit in my life like in the New Testament.  When, Lord, when will it change? Why, Lord, why has it not changed?

While sitting in the room, I sensed that the Lord was not pleased with the distractions and restlessness and worries of my mind in the day to day. It is not about salvation but every day victory. I knew better. There is a battle waging in our minds between good and evil and we are accountable to fight in this war.

The answer is to learn, train and study God’s word. There is a great Spiritual Warfare Study that has changed my life. It is really a Spiritual Warfare Bible Study that teaches you how to eliminate your fears and experience the abundant life God has for you. In addition, the Spiritual Warfare Bible Study has teaching CDs and DVDs to reinforce how to break bad habits and become victorious to live the Christian life in power. It is time to pick it up and apply the principles again especially since the internet makes it easy for me to start. There is a Spiritual Warfare Bible Study Online. Go to http://spiritualwarfarestudy.org and like me, let’s change our lives today.  Spiritual Warfare: The Truth Cries Out

For other Christian resources, visit our new Daily Disciples Store online. Join our new study in the book of Exodus and move forward with God’s power as you journey through life in faith.


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