Do The Christian Thing

My aunt is struggling with a comment that someone said to her, “Let’s make sure we do the Christian thing in this situation.” In frustration and confusion, she said to my mom, “What does that mean?” I do not know all the details of their situation but I have thought about this statement a lot.
Tell you the truth, there is no Christian thing. There is a spirit led thing but there is not a standard way of doing something Christian. The Lord asks us to be dependent on Him and to ask for guidance. The minute we think we know the right answer without asking Him, we are compromising as He said that our ways are not His ways and our thoughts are not His thoughts.
Of course, we make choices every day that we do not consult the Lord and we make choices based on belief system, however, when many people are involved and the emotional levels are high, we better make sure we ask the Lord before making a statement like “do the Christian thing.” Jesus had no pat answer and no Bible–written miracle was performed the same way twice. We cannot say that Jesus did the Christian thing. We can say that Jesus was completely Spirit led which led to unpredictable statements and actions.
We need to watch our words unless we really have heard from the Lord.


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