An email from a fellow believer….

We recently received an email from one of our devotional readers and wanted to post a conversation he had with his friend who had a question about the phrase “The Lord took a person home” that we talked about in the  devotional of 12/3/2010, “Our Perspective Matters”…..

….A friend of mine, who’s name is Ray, inquired about the meaning of the phrase “The Lord took a person home.” The following email conversation ensued:

Ray – “I have often wondered where the saying, “The Lord took a person home” came from. God wanted life for Adam the first man before he made his decision, and us the receivers of God’s forgiveness through Jesus Christ. The saying does NOT stand true to what the Word says about God and his desires for us.”

Me- “God’s throne is in His Home, heaven and our Lord Jesus is there at His right hand. God first intended for man, Adam, to live life everlasting here on earth. Until Adam sinned, death did not exist. Death came to be as the punishment for sin. While we walk in darkness in this world, we walk in the flesh and we are of this world. However, when we accept Christ Jesus as our Lord and Savior and are baptised in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we become new creatures in Him and are no longer of this world. The old saying: “home is where the heart is” comes to mind. When we earnestly begin to live in loving obedience to God, our hearts are with and centered on Him. Therefore, our home is with God, the Father. As we are no longer of this world, but of God’s Family, we naturally then, refer to heaven as our “home”.

Ray – “Your second/third/fourth sentences confirm what I said. We are to be “the salt of the earth.” That is why I don’t understand the earlier statement.”

Me – “Ray, my brother in Christ Jesus, your questions is very valid. However, I now see what you may be missing.

What most people fail to understand is that when we are born into this world, we experience a physical birth into our earthly family, but our spirit remains dead. Our physical body is of this world and will always remain to be of this world. However, when we become Christians through our acceptance of our Lord, Jesus, and are baptized, our spirit begins to live and is born into God’s family. This is the “new creature” in Christ Jesus that we speak of and this is what it means to be “born again”. Therefore, because our spiritual being is a part of God’s family it is not of this world. As our spiritual being grows and matures through the reading, understanding and application of God’s Word, His Holy Spirit transforms us from the inside out and we take on the personality and outward actions like that of Jesus. The phrase “salt of the earth” was simply an analogy used to describe the Christian’s purpose while our physical body walks on earth. Just as salt is used as a seasoning to remove the bitterness of food, Christians are called to be the “salt and light” of the earth to remove the bitterness of the world through the spreading of the good news of God’s Word and to serve as a light for those yet lost, guiding others to Christ and helping them to grow spiritually. Our physical existence here on earth, in this world, is only temporary, but our spiritual existence is eternal.

Because of Adam’s decision which brought death and worldly bitterness into existence, the design of our physical being changed to that of a temporary creature. But the design of our spiritual being remains to be an eternal creature. Once we become spiritually alive through Christ Jesus, we will receive eternal life in heaven, our spiritual home with God the Father. Whe a person dies a physical death, their spirt returns home to heaven to be with God the Father.

Does this help your understanding?

Ray – “This is a bit different from what I learned. I will give it some serious prayer and thought.”

The dichotomy of life and death is a continual reminder that earth is not our home. We are just passing through. The goal of each Christian should be that our walk with Him doesn’t change from here to there. The place changes but not the relationship.

Thanks Chuck…..for sharing and being prepared to help another. We appreciate all the “Chuck’s” out there who continue to share our vision at Daily Disciples….to reach the world for Christ by teaching others how to be daily disciples for Christ!


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