Leadership Retreat

Where are the women role models for the world today? Is it the female politician or the actress? It seems like those two groups of women are the most publicized but I am not convinced they are the most appropriate role models of the day.

Our role models really come from the home, the school and those who impact us directly in our communities. Most of these women get no highlights in the newspaper, no spotlights on the television and no thank yous in the grocery stores. But how would we ever raise the next generation without them?

Women from all over are being raised up to change the world…starting with their everyday world.  God is asking us to take a stand and lead in ways that are even uncomfortable for most of us.

We understand and we want to help. That is why we are doing a leadership retreat for the women who are working in the world or leading their churches or serving their communities.  We need to come together to be encouraged, enriched, empowered and to even network. We are having a limited amount of spots so that there is time to get to know each other also.

Please join us October 22-24 at the Aryes Hotel in Costa Mesa. The cost is only $225 for the entire weekend including 4 meals. If you come with a friend, the cost is $200/person. There are two queen size beds per room and great accommodations. We are also having guest speakers share with us (Bobbye & TL) on topics like balancing your work and home life, why did God choose me…a woman?,  being a light in the darkness. Click on to www.dailydisciples.org for more information or call 888-727-7206. Become all that God wants you to be in this world today as His living role model to others.

We would love to see you there.


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