Robby’s Graduation

With my first child graduating from high school tomorrow, I have been thinking about the words transition and change. To me, transition sounds so much gentler than change. When we transition, we live out day by day making tweeks and adjustments to prepare for something time brings to each of us. A child transitions from breastfeeding to table foods, a kindergartner transitions from half day to whole day at school, a teenager transitions from a driver’s permit to having a license and a senior transitions out of high school to pursuit adult endeavors.

Change sounds much more dramatic especially when we hear people say with determination and deep conviction, “I am going to make a change.”  The intentional changes stem from within a person but unpredictable circumstances  like death, divorce, accidents and health diagnoses all cause huge uncontrollable changes in our lives also. These circumstances demand change regardless of our attitude or age.

Both transition and change can induce fear of the unknown and the unfamilar.  But when I think of God and how He has worked in His Word as well as in the lives of His people, I realized that He covers both. Life is hard but God is good. He allows change and sometimes even causes it. He moves with us in transition, leading—guiding– counseling and reminding us of His faithfulness and love.

Is it difficult for me to think through this transition in my home that will bring about change? Yes. But I am so thankful that God has faithfully seen me through these 18 years to now bring about new opportunities and a different dynamic in our home.

Congratulations, Robby! I am proud of you.                                                                        —mom


One thought on “Robby’s Graduation

  1. Elaine Collander

    Dear Tonilee, my son Brian graduates from college June 14th and it seems like he just graduated high school yesterday. Congrats to you and Robby and family on this chapter in his life. Life is hard and change is hard but it also brings God’s faithfulness to us. We do have our children for a short time and then we give them back to God, it’s difficult but knowing God’s loving grace and wisdom gives us peace. Anyway, congrats, have a joyfilled graduation and I say “hi” to your mom Cheryl my CBS teaching director!
    In His Love,
    Elaine Collander

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