Hearing the Lord

Last night at the Ephesians study, I shared a situation in my house. I was trying to think of a way to address the same issue with the same child in my house. It was obvious that this teenager was not understanding what I was saying as the same occurrence was happening over and over. In the midst of thinking through the potential conversation, I heard the Lord say to me, “Why don’t you ask Me to take care of it for you?” I replied back to the Lord that I had prayed about it in the past and I did not receive any direction from Him so I did not think He would intervene. Then I asked the Lord to intervene and impress upon this child’s heart what I was asking. I did not say a word and waited. Around 10 days later, the conversation came up and it was completely resolved without any questions, defensiveness or attitude. God did intervene because this was a miracle.

After I was done sharing this at the Bible study, I could tell that some of the women did not understand how the Lord speaks to us like that.  I cannot say I always hear the Lord but after walking with Him for many years and being trained by Him from my teenage years, I have become sensitive to His voice. Jesus told us that His sheep hear His voice and follow Him. God does speak but if you are like me, I tend to be better at telling God my own heart and my own desires than listening to Him.

When I am willing to hear God’s Will louder than desiring God to hear my will, then God speaks clearly. It is usually after I have completely exhausted myself with my prayer requests, I am ready to hear His answers. My ears have to become larger than my mouth so He can get His Word in to my heart to change my mind. That takes time. Praying, “I just want Your Will” does not take too much time and it is usually not really true. I have to tell God my will first so that I can allow His Spirit to change it if needed. I also have to talk to God so that I am willing to hear Him talk back. Otherwise, our relationship is one sided, as if I picked up the phone to do all the talking and then hung up before I gave the other person time to speak. Time is the key.

Take the time to listen through the scriptures and through the quietness of your own heart. Write down what comes to you. If what you hear is not what you think or feel or want, then you have mostly likely just heard the Lord.


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