We have just taught Ephesians chapter 3 on the mystery of Christ. Paul explains that the message of Christ was hidden from ages to ages. But the apostle Paul also said that the holy apostles and prophets dropped hints that the Gentiles (anyone not Jewish) would receive salvation through the coming of Christ. Probably because Easter is a week away, I couldn’t help to think of how the Easter egg hunt is very similar to the hidden message of Jesus.

Think about it: During the toddler years, the parents would “hide” the egg right on the top of the lawn. The challenge was for the toddler to actually see it, walk up to it and balance themselves enough to pick it up. The next challenge was to get the toddler to claim it as their own as they hopefully place it in their basket. As the child grows, so does the challenge of hiding the Easter eggs. I have found myself giving my children hints by telling them if they are “hot” or “cold” in their searching.

The Lord tells us also to search for Him with all our hearts. As I have done that, I too have noticed that the Lord is giving me clues in my searching. As we seek the Lord, we discover more about His will for our lives. After a while, I can tell in my search if I am hot or cold as the Spirit leads and guides my heart.

The coming of Jesus was like the Easter egg placed on the grass for the toddler. God didn’t expect much from us. Jesus was sent to this earth to be noticed, embraced and hopefully to make Him our own by placing Him in our hearts. Today, Easter is a celebration of life. Today, we understand that Jesus died for all of us to come to a personal relationship with God. Today, we have freedom and hope with nothing hidden but a whole lot of hints of knowing which path to take as the Spirit of God fills our baskets with love, joy and peace with God. Happy Easter!


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