Heading to the retreat…


5 thoughts on “Heading to the retreat…

  1. As you have noticed, I had a great time and a life-changing experience. I am glad I made it to the mountain and experience the beginning of my spiritual journey. I am looking forward to the next one. I have told all my friends and families about it and promissed them to let them know about the next one. I will love for them to feel the joy I have experienced. I have not done anything else since I came back; I just want to enjoy the moment feeling great!

  2. Well, I’m glad I didn’t make an appointment to speak with you before, since you are so busy because the marvelous retreat and The Study Monday evening really answered what questions, fears, and concerns with which I was dealing. So, this way God provided you two with information and He allowed my heart and mind to “get it”. It’s like the lightbulb is going from dim to full wattage.

    I feel so very blessed that you two have come into my life in such a marvelous and meaningful way. I just love this inner joy and peace that I’m beginning to have and the clarity of your messages and the whole retreat was such a gift. I’m so grateful to God that all of the negative things with which I’ve been dealing the past 3.5 years has happened because otherwise I never would have achieved such a deeper and more meaningful and now “fun” relationship with The Lord.
    So, blessings to both of you for being the angels and messengers to change my head and my heart. Many blessings, lots of hugs, much love, L.

  3. I have to say this video was just as hilarious the watching it here as it was at the retreat. Maybe even more so as I thought about you driving at the same time.

    The retreat was awesome. Thanks for all that you do and Bobbye, may your floss always be slick… :)

    Hugs to you both,

  4. Stephanie Boyd

    Had a wonderful time with you all! What a BLAST the retreat was! God is SO good! I got two great things to go home with, a possible vision of God opening the doors to evangelism for me and Peri and the idea that I need to forgive God for allowing my father to die when I was young. The idea of forgiving HIM was so strange for me, but I will pray through it and let it go again in a different way. It was a GREAT time! Thanks, Daily Disciples!

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