Bible Study e-books

President Obama won the elections by proclaiming that he would bring positive change thus, providing hope to the American people. And with his ability to reach the on line world, Obama was also able to reach the generation that was seeking opportunity.  He had all the right components at the right time to gain the Presidential platform.

The elections seem to be like every other interviewing process. Many times we make promises in interviews that are unattainable when receiving the job.  There are a variety of reasons for this and none of those reasons necessarily point to incompetency however, how could one man realistically be responsible to bring change and hope to the masses in America? Moses didn’t even pull that off and under his leadership, he did bring about complete change and absolute hope for freed-slaves.

People today are looking for answers and are finding themselves without hope in desperate times. We need personal direction and we need individualized wisdom. These things are not found in a world leader but through a relationship with God. Only God can reach into our hearts and give us hope and change that is real, fresh and powerful. But how do we reach God in a personal and intimate way?

When we speak to God, it is called prayer. God speaks back primarily through the Bible. The more we are in the Bible, the more direction, wisdom and hope we will receive.  When Spirit connects with spirit, then bone and marrow are divided and peace and hope are attained.

Daily Disciples Ministries have been promoting and providing on line Bible studies or Bible study e-books. These studies make it easy to read the Bible to receive God’s wisdom and hope for change. Many people are ordering the Bible studies on line and writing testimonies like this: One gal wrote,   “And thank you for making these lessons available on line.  They have been extremely eye-opening to me — making me more aware of how God is listening to me always and is always a part of me– everyday guiding me, answering prayers (even small everyday things) — and reaffirmed decisions I needed to make in the past were God’s answers — that HE was always there if I listened, and I shouldn’t have felt I had to do this alone.”  L S

The Bible study e-books are easy, economical and accessible as they are right at your computer. Daily Disciples made their Bible studies into e-books so people could easily find study tools that help them have a fulfilled relationship with God, bringing true change and hope.  Like Obama, Daily Disciples has connected with people on line and they are becoming the forerunners of bible study e-books. For more information on downloading these studies, go to

Follow the directions to buy on line and then press print. You will receive an unbelievable resource right there in your printer.  Hope and change starts here with us and continues throughout eternity.


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