It’s Almost Here!

I am sitting at my desk at 6:15pm on Thursday January 28th waiting for our Power of Friendship Conference meeting to start at 7pm. I cannot even explain the extent of emotions that we (as a team) have experienced especially this past week. We have been very busy answering telephones, mailing out tickets and putting bows on books, counting and recounting CDs and perfecting the program. It has been a whirlwind of activity. But  all of us would agree that none of this activity would matter without the cries of praise radiating from our hearts to the God we serve. It is because of the love we have for the Lord that we can endure to continue to give to others. God is good and He gives us friends to add sweetness to life.

Saturday is a big day for us at Daily Disciples. As the women continue to sign up and make plans to come out for our 6th annual conference, we see the outpouring of hearts of friendship that cross all lines and boundaries. We have heard from women of all ages and backgrounds…simply amazing.

Will be in touch with pictures and stories…stay tuned! Tonilee


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