People Parish Undone

My kids are studying for finals right now. Our present top priority is to get through this week. So the downstairs is a mess as school papers, books, back packs and lots of cups and plates are accumulating everywhere. We also have many other high schoolers coming in to the house as they are setting up study groups. Well, last night I was in the kitchen overhearing the kids in the dining room. Let me tell you, it is easy to misunderstand the language of teenagers when an adult is only listening with half an ear. I then started realizing how often this happens in all kinds of communication. Even when listening to the news, if we only hear certain sentences (because we are distracted with dinner or normal interruptions), then we can easily make assumptions or jump to conclusions on receiving half the facts. Next thing you know, we jump to wrong conclusions and make decisions based on falsehoods because we filled in the blanks with our thoughts. It reminded me of the verse that says, “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6) We are destroyed (or fearful and anxious, making unwise decisions) because of our lack of education or knowledge.
I am also reminded that we do the same thing with God. If I am questioning something in my life, I need to ask Him for the knowledge to understand. If I am confused about my present circumstance, I need to go to the Bible and ask for Him to tell me what He thinks about it. The Lord tells us frequently to obtain wisdom and to seek understanding. He tells us in James 1 to ask for wisdom and God will give it to all without finding fault (or without behavioral conditions). God promises to give wisdom if we just ask. Why?
If we have God’s knowledge, we will be proactive and ready to endure. It is by sitting still and listening to His voice, that we can gain His perspective to maintain peace and not perish. I am unsure why we would rather jump to conclusions that have no basis of truth than to just ask the Lord who is all about truth.
During this Christmas season, let’s remember that God sent us His peace in the form of a baby. We can maintain that peace by including Him in our thoughts and to continue to have conversations with Him as we open His word. God is called the living Word because He likes to talk. He will give us the knowledge we need if we take the time to ask Him and truly want to know the truth of His will. As Christians, we are called to live by faith but that doesn’t make us “blind, deaf and dumb.” God desires that we are well informed. Today, we understand the mystery of God becoming flesh. We can also know the truth for our lives individually if we just ask.


One thought on “People Parish Undone

  1. Wow! Every now and then we hear something that seems to speak directly to us…even though the writer had no idea we (I) would be reading it. But I believe God gave me this reading today for a reason, it has touched me in many ways, thank you for your amazing words (His words). I will be praying for wisdom and knowledge to hear and know His will…not mine! God Bless, Ronnie

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