Sixth Sense

My house is a bit crazy right now. I have a house full of teenagers and the energy level is very high. The one thing that I have noticed the most about teenagers is their love for stimuli. Everything associated with them is loud and bright and moving very fast. They can text on their cell phone while emailing on facebook while changing the song on the ipod while sorting through a homework schedule and talk to me all at this same time. They are being prepared for a much different life as the world has definitely changed since I was in high school.

My teenage years were very different. Not only because we called the home phone number to talk to a friend but because there were no computers at all! How can you compare the changes that the computer has brought with roll down windows and rotary dial phones? Change has a whole new meaning in today’s world.

But changes in the “things” are not my real concern for the next generation. I am concerned about the many things that compete for their attention. It is exaggerated in the life of a teenager but it affects us all. The world has become so loud in our ears (cell phones, ipods, ichat, music) and so bright in our eyes (facebook, internet videos, television, text messages). These things are not something a teenager will outgrow. This way of life will only increase with advancing technology.  I am NOT against change or technology…I am against constant, continual noise. If we are not proactive in protecting our minds from the noise, we are going to miss out on the things that matter most: a personal, walking talking relationship with the Lord.

I came to know the Lord at 14 years old and heard Him from the first time I read the Bible. I learned quickly that if I was going to seek the Lord, my mind needed to learn to be quiet. I guess it is like developing a sixth sense. When you tone down your other senses, your awareness of God becomes more evident. It is like a blind person who depends more on their sense of hearing and a deaf person who depends more on their sense of sight.  When everything is shaking and moving, it is more difficult to be in tune with your sixth sense of spirituality. If we do not develop ears to hear the Lord and eyes to see Him, we will miss out on the greatest relationship there is on this earth regardless of our age or the stage of life especially since spirituality is not a “sense” but it is a lifestyle.

I know that the employee at the Verizon store told me that the text messaging decreases when your teenager goes to college. And I know that with age brings changes that lead to less noise, however, a lifestyle with the Lord starts by praying to have an eternal perspective. Moses prayed it best in Psalm 90:12, “Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Moses understood that we live maybe 70 to 80 years on this earth (Psalm 90:10) but eternity is forever. Are we spending our time and giving our attention to what matters for eternity? Are we making a difference here that counts someday up there?

We are going to be teaching the Life in the Spirit study, starting next week. Living a spirit filled life counts for eternity. Too many of us are in habits and patterns that are not good for ourselves or anyone else. We become victims to our own habits because they are familiar. Life in Spirit will give you the ability to change your perspective and adjust your everyday life for eternal purposes. Last night, I read Isaiah 5:13 that says, “but they have no regard for the deeds of the Lord, no respect for the work of his hands. My people go into exile for lack of understanding.” The Life in the Spirit study is not “one more thing to do.” It is learning to live in a lifestyle that brings you peace and joy while having an eternal impact on others. Don’t you want to know that the Lord is leading you and counseling you in your every day decisions? Don’t you want to see the Lord move in you in such a way that heaven comes down to earth through your prayers and your words?

We are even videotaping the webcast so if you can’t make the Monday night study in Carlsbad or the webcast study at your computer on Tuesday morning, then you can watch the video at your own time. We will send you the study to your email and the link to click for the video.

If you still aren’t sure, then pray about it. See what the Lord thinks about changing your lifestyle for His glory by doing the Life in the Spirit study. To sign up, click here.

And by the way, my teenagers are going to do the Life in the Spirit study. A new lifestyle can start at any time. It is not about the competing stimuli and changing technology. It is about the priority of whom we choose to seek and what we choose to listen to. There is one letter difference in World verses Word. The “L” can stand for lifestyle and Lord.  We need to make sure we are very clear on these two “L”s as we face the stimuli of the world every day. God will not force Himself upon us but greatly rewards those who actively pursue Him.


One thought on “Sixth Sense

  1. Janice Byrne

    Dear Tonilee,
    Your Sixth Sense blog is so relevant for our era no matter what age we happen to be. I am so glad you will have your next study via video so I can participate online. Since I work PM shift and live here in Ocean Beach I have not been able to participate in any more of your studies since The Pt Loma Nazarene conference you did earlier this year. That was a great day. I also receive your Daily Devotional via email and am so thankful for both you and Bobbye’s Spirit led voice.

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