Preparing for August 22nd

As we are preparing for the upcoming “Real Issues Real Answers” event on August 22nd, I have been more acutely aware of the Deadly D’s that we will be discussing than ever before.  One of the D’s is death and I have been personally touched by death this 

summer, as my most precious Buddy died on July 1st. He was diagnosed with 

cancer on June 5th and the prognosis by this point was terminal. As with pets and sickness, we as owners must take on responsibilities that test us in difficult ways. For me, I had to know when to end Buddy’s life. 

I had to make a decision that would take him away from me, all because I loved him too much to see him suffer. His cancer had spread throughout his body and though I wanted to keep him as long as I could, I also knew that I could not stand to see him suffer in pain. Death has impacted me greatly and his absence has been deafening at times. By God’s grace, I have grown stronger each day and I know that the Lord has plans beyond what I can see. This is the hope and encouragement that I personally bring to others. In death, there is resurrection and life. Jesus promises us that He is the Resurrection and the Life.

Buddy 1


  << (Buddy and his classic “Elvis Impression”)






Another “D” that has impacted me personally is “debt.” I have dealt with financial issues in so many ways this past year, including with my family. My sister has struggled greatly this summer and we have talked and prayed regularly about her situation. My mother lost most of her retirement when the market collapsed and is moving into a subsidized retirement community. On and on it goes but again, I find strength in God’s grace. I find hope in places that I cannot always understand. I have seen the Lord’s faithfulness in all of these situations and I know that He has a plan. I look forward to much more than what I see today.

Does all of this sound Depressing…another Deadly D that will be discussed at the event on August 22nd? Most of us recognize the symptoms of depression but how many of us really talk about it honestly?  I know that for myself, it is not easy to just share that openly but it is comforting when I hear others share their struggles, as we are comforted together. I feel very strongly about this event because I believe we, as women, need each other and need to be able to share openly together. Somehow, there is healing in being able to come together and feel safe in an environment that cares, not condemns. Where are those places today? I hope we can provide those opportunities more and more in the future. HOPE is what we all need.


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