Interesting and amazing times!

As I write this message, I am sitting at my desk in my new office. It seems almost surreal to be here. Tonilee and I have been praying for a while now about having an office, a place for our team, a place for others to come and a place to put all of our stuff…we have lots of stuff. But, in all seriousness, we knew that the place and the timing would be in God's hands. It is pretty neat to see how the Lord works in our lives. Amen.

It is interesting and amazing to see all that is happening and changing in our world, our nation, our state…do not be afraid but instead look for God to do miracles. He loves to show His power and glory in times like these. When others are running scared, we can be at peace and of sound mind. This is the time to get going, step out and do amazing things. We are witnessing such amazing things everyday. God is moving. Do not fear.

As the holidays are coming, take time each day to spend with Jesus. Keep your eyes on Him. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life…He is all that mattters.

God bless you all and if in the San Diego area, come by and see us. Love…Bobbye


2 thoughts on “Interesting and amazing times!

  1. What can one say except glory be to God for what He is doing with Bobbye and Tonilee. I love how you are using EVERY possible means to impart the knowledge of God to the world. And lastly, your weekly video devotional on your website is the best thing to every show up on the internet! What a blessing, thank you, thank you!!!

  2. TL

    Hi Nikki… I am glad that you like the posted video devotional. It is our first one. We are planning on doing them weekly and we are praying about doing them daily. We have a studio set up in the Daily Disciples office so when God speaks to our hearts, He has made a way for us to share that message to the ends of the earth. He is so good! All glory to Him! –TL

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