Women in Christian Media Launch in San Diego

What a great time we had Thursday evening (October 9, 2008)! For several months, we have been involved with an amazing group of women with the goal of launching the West Coast connection for Women in Christian Media (womeninchristianmedia.org), led by Marcia Ramsland (www.organizingpro.com). It was simply incredible to watch everything come together. Of course, for TL and me, the absolute blessing of seeing Kay Arthur again goes without saying. Her teaching was over the top and her message pierced all of us to the core of our hearts. The room at the Handlery Hotel was packed with women representing all facets of media, from radio to television to music to publishing, and the fellowship seemed to bless everyone in attendance. We were also blessed to have the president and founder of WCM come out from Dallas and share her heart and vision. Suellen Roberts is an amazing woman with an inspiring background of experiences. The evening also featured our dear friend, Mary James, providing her gift of worship. We so love Mary!

Do not believe for a moment that God's Spirit is not active and moving in our world today. Are we willing to look up, instead of watching everything around us, especially the news? We, as Christians, must be in the Word of God daily.

We will keep you posted on much more happenings with Daily Disciples. God is moving!

Love you all, Bobbye


2 thoughts on “Women in Christian Media Launch in San Diego

  1. Exciting news! FYI, there is a typo on your address for Marcia’s website. The only reason I know is because in this small world we live in, I know someone who shared Marcia’s book with me once. Here site should read http://www.organizingpro.com . I thought you might want to know.
    Have a great day!

  2. sara martin

    I agree God is moving…Being a woman in media i see how important my work is. IHOP.org does a Prayer the news segment and instead of just telling whats up and getting down. we pray over the issues. I even get testimonies from people who chage Cause of the work i do in the Prayer Room over the web. Plus when I get a testimonies of people who go on God.tv who aren’t believers and change cause the power of the Holy Spirit falls upon them. God is awesome….Hes moving in the world of media and I am happy to be part of the army of God…

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