A New Project…a music video!

Well, Daily Disciples had a huge monumental break through today. We finished our first music video. Wait…a music video? Aren’t you girls Bible teachers and speakers? Yes, we are…we have not gone into music, but we love to worship! Bobbye has been on this video kick thing for a few years now. She wants to do a reality video of “real, on fire Christians” who walk with the Lord daily.  So, I wasn’t too surprised when this (interesting) idea came to her. We were attending the National Religious Broadcasters convention in March, talking and brainstorming with many amazing people about video, radio, television. In between meetings, Bobbye turned to me and said, “TL, let’s make a music video for our Daily Disciples Women’s Conferences and use Mary James song, ‘Do you know my name?’” Mary is a great friend who has led worship at all of our Women’s Events, so we had a feeling that she would be okay with it. Before we knew it, we had written the script for the entire video. It just kind of happened.

What do we do with this idea? Bobbye was searching the web and found a video guy (Jim Ellis) who lived 30 minutes away. We called him, met him and we were very blessed to find out that he knew the Lord! We told him our ideas and within a day, he developed the actual script. Every step of the way, we saw the Lord move in hearts of those involved, in the weather, in the timing and in the staging of this video. We shot the footage outdoors on purpose…different and unique. We thought about cutting in sections from our last women’s conference but decided to show a side that displayed a simple message, not the promotion of an event, but of the heart of what we do to show that every woman who attends the event has been brought by the Lord. We knew that the hand of God was knitting hearts together and making a way to have this video produced…quickly!   (That is a miracle in itself when you think about all the other things we have to wait on).

Jesus really does call out to each of us. Jesus really does know our name. Jesus desires for each of us to be intimate and personal with Him. I love the part in the video when the girl (Laura) walked by the confused girl (Sandy) and reached out to her. The Lord definitely shows Himself the strongest through those of us who reach out to another as we become Jesus with skin on.

Our events are filled with real women (Christian and non Christians) dealing with real life issues.  All of us are messed up but that’s who Jesus came for… the sinner and the sick not the righteous or the well.  Bobbye and I desire to help women everywhere understand the love of God, as He has given us a message that brings hope, healing and wholeness. And I am so thankful that the Lord opened up the doors to have this video made. You will love Mary James! This song was written by her and reflects her testimony. This link will take you to the video. (on YouTube) or dailydisciples.org.  We would love to hear your comments.             Tonilee


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