The Women’s Event…what a day!

God is so good! I can’t even begin to describe the overwhelming joy I have about yesterday’s women’s event. The day seemed seamless. Our team was filled with joy to serve and the ladies came with such open hearts to set aside the day to seek the Lord. Mary James was wonderful. I heard that every CD she brought, she sold. The presence of the Lord was so strong.

I was up first to give the opening message. I had prayed about what to say for a while but clear words or sentences never came to mind. I just kept hearing the Lord say, “The Good Shepherd.”  The Lord then went out of His way to confirm it as my husband bought me a book on Psalm 23 and a long time friend had given me a journal with the verse, “I am the Good Shepherd. The shepherd lays down his life for the sheep” from John 10:11. Neither one knew that the Lord was already speaking to me about the Good Shepherd.  Praise God that the fruit was evident as women from everywhere came to Christ. I must have seen 50 hands raised. I loved the stories that I heard as the day continued. Big prayers for you all!

I was so thankful for Bobbye’s message from John 4. We all related to the woman by the well and fell more in love with Jesus. Her words sunk deeply into my heart as I appreciated her honesty about the struggles she has faced as a successful business woman and as a Christian woman today.

Sally Miller’s story, (our emcee and founder of “WIN-Women In the Neighborhood”) as well as the Rescue Mission’s stories were such an encouragement. Jesus does change lives and Jesus still commissions us to His call today. Real stories from real women dealing with real struggles but overcoming because of the Lord.

And of course, the ending! The theatre was packed out and I think all but 10 came forward. Praise God that the aisles count too as they were also filled. We all gave ourselves to the call of the Lord’s will over our own will.

Thank you, Jesus. You be glorified because we do not care about anything else but YOU.      –TL


13 thoughts on “The Women’s Event…what a day!

  1. Eden

    Hello Sisters!
    What a blessing Saturday’s conference was to me! The way that God consistently places women, people, in my path to lead me to others (especially other women) that are seeking, finding and admiring and loving the Lord is absolutely phenomenal. I am grateful for Dyan for introducing me to the two of you, and for sharing Daily Disciples with me.
    I felt a kinship throughout the room where the conference was held as well as in the cafeteria on Saturday. It is truly a blessing to share such an event with women from all walks of life, ranging from basically homeless to certainly well off, all collected in one room to fellowship and worship the Lord together. What a mighty God we serve! What a precious Lord is Jesus Christ who blessed us all by his absolute love and selflessness! Thank God for the Holy Spirit who dwells within us, and for the teachings of Christ that lead us in the way we should go, teaching us about agape love and how to live life in the most fulfilling way possible—for Him.
    Your teachings are wonderful, I have listened to the radio broadcasts online, I read many of the devotionals and I continue to be blessed by you. Some things came to me during my prayer and worship Saturday and if they are from God (‘cause sometimes I am not clear as to whether things are HIS idea or mine) they will come to pass. Sometimes I find that I question whether God is actually speaking to me because I am resistant to taking on any more in my life and I don’t know how I could possibly find the time…and I am sure that both of you are familiar with that thought process.
    In any event, beauties, I so enjoyed listening to you and I took so much away from the conference and am carrying that light in my heart and spirit still. I want to let you know that I was so overwhelmingly filled that I had to stop my car on the way down the hill overlooking the ocean, get out, sit on a very uncomfortable fence and just praise God for His magnificence and His power and His love. Thank you for having me, thank you for blessing me and I pray that you will continue to grow and to reach out. I know that you touch many hearts and light many a fire for Christ in the women you come in contact with. You are amazing.
    In HIS grip, and with love,

  2. anonymous

    Thank you for making my birthday on 26 Jan 08 a memorable one. I was encouraged and uplifted. Most especially, I appreciate the candor with which you both spoke regarding the Holy Spirit. I am glad that you broke down the much needed “being filled” or baptism of the Holy Spirit.
    You gals rock!

  3. anonymous

    I attended the Conference this past Saturday at PLNU and wanted to tell you how it impacted my life and my dear friend Aimee. I am new to ministry leadership here at Shadow Mountain and in many ways feel so inadequate for this job, but I know I am here for a purpose and a reason. I know I need to allow the Holy Spirit work through me verses me trying to do it. I get caught up in what I can do, instead of what the Spirit can do. Thank you for being real for us all, very refreshing, very renewing.

  4. anonymous

    Dear Bobbye and Tonilee,
    Saturday was such a blessing, thank you so much for having these retreats ( my second ).
    With warmest wishes,
    Rock Church Member

  5. T

    Bobbye and TL! I FINALLY got to go to your conference at Pt. Loma Nazarene and I was so blessed. Thank you. So many things were said for me! Yeah, yeah, I know others were meant to hear it, too, but I was supposed to be there and I’m hoping to grow and get out of a bad place I am in spiritually and other ways. I’m trying to make this short, so it may not make much sense. But, know that I was truly blessed and will keep you guys and DD in my prayers. By the way, I think you said you were looking for volunteers… I’d love to be of service.
    God keep you and bless you,

  6. anonymous

    Dearest Bobbye and Tonilee,
    Thank you so much for the inspirational women’s conference at Point Loma Nazarene today! I have had absolutely zero religious background up to today (I’m 45) I first attended your conference two years ago after having suffered a stroke thast has left me walking (yes!) albeit with a brace, and no use of my left arm or hand. My friend Jody ( who had just been diagnosed with cancer,asked me to go with her and I wanted to be supportive of her so I came along. While we spent a wonderful day with you, I was not ready and maybe a little ticked off at God – whoever He was. But today I decided once and for all to finally “give-in” and ask Christ to become a part of my life – a daily part of my life. Scary, because I like to control – like you discussed today Bobbye. The inclusion of Mary James in your program helped inspire me too. What a fantastic band!!! I just wanted to thank you for spreading the word and the love. I hope He is willing to walk with a formerly non-religious woman with a considerable limp! I wanted to introduce myself to you ladies today but I chickened out – nothing personal I promise. Just a little overwhelmed with emotions. I am looking forward to my new life walking with the Lord.
    Thank you again!

  7. RONA


  8. Bobbye

    To all of you who are writing and commenting on Saturday’s women’s conference, thank you so much for being there and for making the day so very special. I also want to let you know that the San Diego Rescue Mission-Women’s Division was blown away by your generosity and your interest to get involved with their ministry needs. You ladies were simply a blessing to us and our entire team at Daily Disciples. We have prayed for you and will continue to do our best to serve you in this community, however the Lord leads us to work together for the furtherance of His kingdom.
    Many of you have contacted us about speaking events. Please let us know if you are interested in having us speak at your women’s event, and we would love to speak with you.
    For those of you ladies in other parts of the country, we are working on several women’s events throughout 2008. Stay in touch through for all upcoming events.
    Keep the blogging!

  9. K

    What a blessed event, still taking in all that was spoken that day and believing GOD’S truth.. thank-you for being so bold in a world when boldness for JESUS isn’t politically correct. May the Lord continue to Bless you and this wonderful ministry.

  10. anonymous

    Thank you for your ministry, for your prayers and for sharing your talents with others. We are all blessed because of what God has done through you both. In my personal opinion, you guys are the perfect balance of both holy spirit and Word which unfortunately many churches don’t have (including my own).

  11. anonymous

    I appreciate the way you two teach right where we live. Thank you for explaining what Catholics need to know and your boldness TL. I was raised strict Catholic. People need to know about God’s grace and Catholic works. I loved the illustration about emotions verses what the Bible says. Our emotions can’t be trusted because Satan comes as an Angel of Light. Bobbye, your teaching on the Woman at the Well was so revealing of God’s true character.He came to save us, not condem us. Thanks for teaching on the ministry of the Holy Spirit,and that without Him we have no power. I appreciate you time,effort,love, and the money you spend to help Women know Jesus.

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