Merry Christmas!

I hope you are all ready for Christmas. For me personally, it seems like it comes so fast, like didn’t we just have Thanksgiving? December is always an interesting month for me, and not always for the good. My father passed away on December 16, 1990. He literally dropped dead…got out of his truck and dropped dead. I was living in Nashville, TN at the time and the news was devastating and shocking. He was 55 years old. Death during the holidays is difficult and the sadness is hard to ignore. My husband’s brother died on December 20, 2005. He was 44 years old. This year, we planned a party for December 1st and on the night before, I ended up in the ER very sick. Pretty interesting time in December. Sounds like a bummer, but somehow in the midst of it all, I sense the Lord’s love and protection. This life is passing—seasons, holidays, dates and times…but the Lord wants us to focus on the eternal, not just on the temporal. Sadness is part of life but one day, every tear will be dried in heaven, for those who know Jesus. He is the real Reason for the season…He is all that matters. Am I ready for Christmas? I am ready for Christ-mas. I am ready for a new year and I pray that you all have a very wonderful holiday time. Be thankful in all things, for God is so good.

God bless! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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