Firestorm updates 10.24.07

Hello everyone…Tonilee and I thank all of you for your calls and emails. We are safe and out of harm’s way. There is still smoke on the mountain in front of my house but no fires. To say the least, we have a mess to clean up. The ash residue is black, thick and toxic to breathe and though the air quality is improving, the smell is pretty strong of smoke. Tonilee and her kids are going home today. Her husband went home last night to check on things and see how the air quality was in the house. Things are improving in her neighborhood as well.

If you have been joining us for the Rancho Bernardo bible study, it is officially off. This Thursday/Friday was to be the last study but due to the devastation in Rancho Bernardo, the church is in the midst of a major crisis. Over half of the church attendees have been impacted by the fires. Armed national guardsmen are patrolling the areas around the church. Please lift up this community in prayer. They have been hit extremely hard by these fires.

We will keep you posted through this blog if things change but for now, everything is much safer for our families and homes. We must all take these moments to remind ourselves of Who really is in control, it is not us…God is on the throne. Let us praise Him in good times and bad. Let us pray for His mercy and grace and for those who need to rebuild, may He bless them.

Love you all,



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