Firestorm in San Diego…Comments and Responses

Hello to friends and family—

As the nation has watched, our county of San Diego has been experiencing great peril. As a personal observer, I can tell you that what you see on TV is nothing compared to the real life experience. Evacuations came quickly and many people left their homes in a rush for safety. Others left their homes not knowing what to expect when they came back. The devastation is unimaginable in terms of how damaging a fire can be. Fire is one thing, a firestorm is another thing altogether. For San Diego, this catastrophe will be felt for many months, if not years, to come. Most of our lives will change, at least for a time. We thank God that the loss of life was minimal. We pray to God that the changes in life will be in His hands. To those of you around the world, please keep this city and county in your prayers.

Please use this blog to respond or comment on this situation. Also, if you want to send out prayers and praise reports, please use this blog for those as well. Many people from around the world read our blogs so even if you are not a "blogger", feel free to join your sisters and encourage everyoneto keep our hope and trust in Jesus Christ. We never know what a day will bring…

Love and Prayers,

Bobbye & Tonilee


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