I Pray a lot in the Dentist’s Chair

Since I come from a family of cavity-prone teeth, I work hard at keeping mine healthy. But, I must admit, it is a major discipline for me. For some reason, I really hate having my teeth cleaned. I love the end result but I hate the process. Scraping and chiseling at the gum line makes my whole body nervous. I have gotten better over the years because I go to the same dental hygienist, twice a year. She knows my teeth well, she knows every sensitve spot and she brings me great comfort in knowing that she will listen to my concerns. The other day, it was time for another cleaning, so I walked into the office and waited on my girl to come get me. To my surprise, a different girl showed up. I must have looked as surprised as I felt because she took a step back herself. I asked her, "Are you new?" She said, "Oh, no, I have been here for over eight years." I said, "So have I." I knew I was in for an hour of extra prayer time. I began to pray immediately as I felt the sweat form on my back (the plastic chair does not help). She is the only person I have ever met who was actually created to clean teeth. She knew it was her "calling" when she was a teenager. In my prayers, I wondered if I needed to repent for something. What did I do Lord to deserve this punishment? He did not answer me, or maybe I could not hear Him because my heart was pounding, and my head was throbbing. I made it through the hour long process and my teeth are happier and healthier. Of course, she found a bad spot and I went back today for a crown. My dentist noted that he had marked this tooth seven years ago as a potential crown. Today I got my crown. I prayed for another hour in the dentist’s chair as he put the temporary crown on my tooth. Is this the way You are giving me my crown, Lord? If so, then I have a mouth full of them. To God be the Glory! Keep God in every part of your daily life…He is always with you. Bobbye


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