25th High School Reunion

I have attended all of my high school reunions and love seeing my classmates. Personally, they all look great and I am amazed how their names come right back to me!  My high school was in Fullerton, California. I attended a very progressive, well educated public high school for the time. I came to Christ in my freshman year and by my senior year, most of the students had heard about the Lord and many of my peers came to know Him personally. We definitely had a revival! Not all who came to Christ in high school are still walking with the Lord today. You can say that I learned a lot (first hand) about "Lordship Salvation" versus being "fire proof." But I am amazed how the Lord continues to do a work in the lives of those who attended that high school.

I walked into the reunion room and was immediately approached by a classmate. Right when he came up to me, he asked, "Are you still with Jesus?" I smiled and said, "Yes, I am!" He continued, "Do you remember when you got into my pickup truck, and then told me that the music I was listening to was not good for me and that it would hurt me? Then you told me that I needed to know Jesus and told me how to come to know Him. Do you remember?" Honestly, I had not remembered all the details of that event but I knew that he was talking to the right girl. That was me to a tee. So I nodded and he continued. "Well, 10 years after high school I got into a big wreck. I lost a lot of my memory but what you told me 10 years earlier came back to my remembrance during that time. I came to Jesus and I have been walking with Him now for 15 years. Thank you."

Once again, God’s Words prove to be true! His Word never returns void. He accomplishes exactly what He wants. The Holy Spirit only needs a face and a voice willing to speak the truth. He is responsible for the rest. I can’t say that I ever presented the gospel in text book fashion. I didn’t. Most of the time, I told people that they needed Jesus or they would go to hell. I said what I knew and that’s all I knew. But I can say that I did proclaim His message with passion! My passion has fluctuated during the years but Praise God…it’s been 29 years and Jesus is still walking with me. He didn’t ever need me to know the four spiritual laws or the Romans Road. He just wanted me to tell others what He had done for me. I pray that you too continue to tell others what Jesus has done for you. Your testimony is the best thing to share because it comes from a heart of passion. Jesus doesn’t need eloquent words, He just needs to be priority in your heart for out of the abundance of your heart, your mouth speaks. And Thank the Good Lord that He is faithful to use your words to bring Him glory! Some day, we will see the fruit of our testimonies. Don’t give up and don’t stop speaking! Because some day, we want to hear, "Well done good and faithful servant."     —–ToniLee Rizio Adamson



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