The Glamour of Travel (Don’t believe it!)

Tonilee and I had an exciting time last week. We flew to Dallas on Tuesday (July 31) for some meetings pertaining to our bible studies and our next book publication. We are in the process of changing the written bible studies into more of a book/workbook format and were meeting with some people to help the overall layout and formatting. Plus, we are very excited to be working on our second book and have been blessed with the opportunity to present the proposal to some large publishing companies. We met with someone who will help us in this next step. So, with that said, we went to Dallas and had a great time. The meetings went great, the weather was nice, and we met some wonderful people. We even got to the airport early the next day and was on standby for an earlier flight home (San Diego via Phoenix). Those omnious dark clouds and lightning strikes that we saw coming to the airport were even a nice change to our San Diego weather. Things were great…until we got to the gate. Those dark clouds and lightning bolts meant bad news for air traffic, not so nice for us. To make a long story short, we waited for several hours at the gate, receiving very little information as to the real problems ahead. Our early standby flight made it to Phoenix very late, too late for any connections out of Phoenix. A very early flight the next morning meant that it was too late to get a hotel room. So, TL and I had a very interesting evening sleeping at the gate…in chairs that were not made for sitting too long, much less sleeping on them. Amazingly, we both had pretty good attitudes. I heard the Lord whisper in my ear earlier in the evening…"Do you still praise Me, Bobbye?" In other words, would I still be thankful, despite the circumstances. I prayed through the night and I had a lot of time to talk to the Lord. His hand was upon us and we were weary but safe. Traveling is hard work (those who travel know this for a fact) but I am thankful to God’s amazing blessings that come in even the most trying circumstances. Thanks to our prayer team for covering us in their prayers. Bobbye


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