Finish this sentence: “I Praise the Lord for __________”

Through emails, blogs, letters and in-person comments, we receive awesome testimonials and praise reports from many of you each week. There is something within each of us that desires to share what the Lord is doing in our lives. We want to encourage you to keep sharing with us but we also want to provide a forum for those testimonies and praise reports to be shared with others. We all need to speak forth the goodness of God and encourage others with the comfort we have received (2 Cor. 1:3). So, we would like to hear from you. Just respond to this blog with your comments on how you would finish this sentence, "I praise the Lord for…." Take a moment and give God praise for something specific He has done in your life. We will be collecting these through various channels including this weblog (emails, letters, personal comments) and will selet a few to read at our upcoming conference on June 2nd. Our women’s conferences have a new segment of time dedicated to sharing these types of personal testimonies. Send us your praise reports or brief testimonials and if you are attending the conferece in person, let us know. We want to hear from you. The world needs to hear us praising the Lord with every breath! Hallelujah!                         Bobbye & Tonilee


18 thoughts on “Finish this sentence: “I Praise the Lord for __________”

  1. Colette

    Okay…I have struggled with biting my nails for a long time!! It drove my husband crazy and made me ashamed for people to see my hands. But about 2 weeks ago I decided enough was enough! Every time I went to bite my nails I would decree over myself that God’s Spirit lives in me and that He has perfect self-control, among other things. In ONE day, after years of prayers said by my husband, daughter and I, I was finally set free! Praise God!

  2. Jennifer Davis

    I praise the Lord for the personal relationship with Him that gives me hope, comfort, strength, joy, peace, and love EVERY DAY of my life!!!! His grace is my comfort in a CRAZY world!

  3. Mar

    I praise the Lord for His forgiveness….for each miracle He is working out between Rob and Me…for each time He brings Rob home, for His strength each time the enemy hits me, that He forgives those passing attacks and blows the seeds away because He loves me…I praise the Lord for my son, the home He will pick out just for us, for His forgiveness…and that He will teach me to FEEL forgiven…I praise the Lord for health, for cleaning up the mess we’ve made, and for making it ALL brand new and white as snow…for Love….

  4. I praise the Lord for answering even the “little” prayers. Like today, I procrastinated in sending Mother’s Day gifts until today. I get to the post office at 4:05 PM and they closed at 4:00. For some reason the post office worker decided to let me in, it was the Lord! Now my mother and mother-in-law will receive their gifts on time! Praise the Lord! I also was able to witness to the post office worker telling her that she was an answer to prayer and would be my praise report on this blog!

  5. Laura

    I praise the Lord for patiently teaching me how to forgive and love someone who has wronged me terribly and betrayed my friendship. I learned through obedience that His way is the RIGHT way, and if I pursue Him in faith, He will be faithful to show me. Well, the Lord gets the glory because reconciliation has come freely and my heart is free of bitterness. He created a repentant heart in her and a forgiving heart in me. We BOTH indeed have been set free. I praise the Lord for demonstrating the healing power of His mighty love.

  6. Paula Webb

    …gently suggesting not to try and sit on HIS throne; but to live in the Spirit, laying down my life, He has a better place for me. He gave me an illustration that spoke volumes to my own heart; it just made sense to me in order to truly live in Him.
    You see every morning, I can be found at the same chair in the same place in my kitchen with my bible open, no matter what! Because of my growing reverence for God, I am too afraid not to be there~ which is the beginning of wisdom; truly fearing Him~ I am there.
    Well, my 3 year is always the first to be up in our household
    He runs down the stairs, undeterred, and finds me before any distractions crop up in his day.
    He crawls right up in my lap (he is not satisfied to merely sit beside me), nestles his head in my chest and just breathes. And we sit for a moment.
    And then I begin to pray over him, I thank God for him, I speak into his day and about what will be happening. And then we sit awhile longer just the two of us. I hold him so tightly and sometimes we sing quietly together, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes he tells me about dreams he has had or sometimes we just sit quietly even longer… This is one of the biggest blessings in my life each day.
    These things are true:
    He knows where to find me
    He starts his day in my lap no matter what
    He listens to my plans for him
    He knows that I am listening to him
    He is totally safe and secure with me
    He knows how much I love him and how grateful I am to have him
    He trusts me and he knows, in his heart no matter what, that my words are true….He seeks me and I am enough for him. More than enough
    This is our God~
    And yes He told me to stay off of His throne, sitting alongside Him, but He told me that He has a better place for me; and that is in His lap!

  7. I can’t help but write another praise to God. I praise Him for spring and summer’s wonderful fruits and vegetables and fragrant flowers. (Jazmine surrounds the building I work in and it smells like Heaven right now). About this time of year I begin to get very excited to make use of the season’s fruits and vegetables. I dislike cooking and it takes a lot to inspire me. The Lord has done an awesome thing by providing us with rich produce and beautiful flowers!

  8. Sandy Apodaca

    I praise the Lord for His PATIENCE and His incredible LOVE. My friend just flew out to see her sick Great Aunt. When her grandmother died many years ago, her Great Aunt took in 7 of her grandmother’s children on top of having 3 of her own. She took care of all 10 kids, with such love and strength. Recently, her Great Aunt who had been a buddhist all her life was inquiring about Christianity. She also spoke to a pastor and accepted the Lord a few days ago. Yesterday my friend called to tell me her Great Aunt had visions of the Lord and wanted to be baptized in the hospital. Today she called to say that her Great Aunt had died. Sweet….It reminded me of the verse “The Lord…is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance”. 2Peter3:9 Here is a woman who gave so much to others, an example of love, who would be termed a “good person” by the world, yet didn’t have the Lord. But here the Lord being so gracious and merciful, in her last days revealing Himself to her so that she may not perish… Yes, Jesus is the only way…but God is so patient and loving to wait and wait and wait “not willing that any should perish”! How good our God is!!!

  9. Dina Hubbard

    I Praise the LORD for showing Himself to me. Everyday He speaks to me in a way I will understand. Today’s word was Isaiah 43:10 “You are My witnesses,” says the LORD, “And My servants whom I have chosen, That you may know and believe Me, And understand that I am He. Before Me there was no God formed, Nor shall there be after Me. I, even I, am the LORD, And besides Me there is no savior.” He always speaks to me in a language I will comprehend, showing Himself unashamed, abandoned, open and exposed. The language is love, peaceful and true. I believe in His kingdom where there is no end of either of these fine attributes of God.

  10. Praise the Lord for Daily Disciples Ministry! God has taught me so much through Bobbye and TL’s teaching. The Holy Spirit that lives in me has been blessed by the Holy Spirit that moves through them. The past five months have been filled with amazing testimonies of God’s love, grace, and mercy and I am so grateful for these women and that they not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. Their love of the Lord is real, inspirational and refreshing! Praise God that He has brought them into my life and that I can continue to plug into their teaching through blogs, devotionals, and studies. Once spring hit, it has been difficult to get to the women’s study in person, but I look forward to a lifetime of friendship and prayer with Bobbye, TL, and the other Daily Disciples! Again, Praise God for Daily Disciples!

  11. I praise the Lord for showing me how to get my eyes off myself. I woke up today complaining to the Lord on how tired I was. That was my conversation with the Lord thus far today. Then while at work today, I met with a woman who was much more tired than I was. I was able to send her a note after our appointment encouraging her and by doing that it got my eyes off myself. I began lifting up prayers for this woman and as a result the prayers for myself have now changed. I praise the Lord that He meets us where we are and that when we keep seeking Him every hour, He teaches us to say, “It is well” instead of “I’m too tired”.

  12. Christine Petrou

    Women of God around the world. The Lord has revealed to me how much love and joy you bring Him. To all of you who seek the face of Jesus with a devoted heart, praise God!!!!When I think of what it means to be a woman of God, my heart is filled with the love and empowerment of God’s grace, strength, and tenacity to pursue us. He alters the circumstances of the universe, so we can come to know Him,and His love for us. Being a part of Daily Disciples has opened my eyes to how the Lord is soooooo faithful and loving. He has healed my heart from the brokenness of the world and made me whole in His Son. Thank you women of God for being the body of Christ. Thank you for your beauty, open hearts, and willingness to stand up in faith on behalf of our King.I have found comfort in knowing there are other women who seek after the heart of Jesus Christ. Thank you,I do not feel alone in my walk. Instead, I am empowered by the Holy Spirit, freed by the blood of JESUS, and supported by YOU, the BODY of CHRIST. Praise God!!! With God all things are possible:)

  13. Jodi

    I praise God for showing Himself to me so clearly as the result of recent trials in my life. He first did this when I moved to San Diego, away from all family and friends, which I now know was to truly bring me closer to Him, to rely on Him & not depend on anyone else. My spiritual growth over the 4 years living in San Diego has been huge and has prepared me for the next trial. Having moved recently to Boston and again stripping away my support system (awesome Christian friends and church family), my mother, who happens to be my dearest & best friend, was taken home to be with Him on March 27.
    The miraculous peace and ability to cope with this indescribable loss is an amazing way that He has and still is showing me His power. I could never bear this alone and I praise Him I don’t have to. I know without a shadow of a doubt this peace, which surpasses all understanding, is from Him. It’s not humanly possible to find that peace in the face of death.
    He has prepared me over the past 5 years now for this very trial and I thank Him that I have been willing to let Him do His work in me so that I might walk through this trial with Him.
    Praise you Lord Jesus.

  14. I have another praise the Lord! Why not? He is worthy. I praise the Lord for His Holy Spirit. Thanks to Bobbye and Tonilee’s teaching of the Word of God, I am understanding Who the Holy Spirit is and how He works. He has revealed something to me about a family member tonight. It is much too long to write here but over the past 4 days, as I have been in the Word of God daily, God was preparing me to hear from Him regarding this family member. It is only because I have been in His Word that I recognize Him speaking. That’s just how it is. The more we are in His Word, the better we know Him, and the better we can know when He is truly speaking to us. God may speak in an instant from His Word to us, or He may take a few days, weeks, or months of being in His Word to prepare us for certain wisdom, knowledge, or understanding regarding an issue. I am at the point in my walk that I want to spend more and more time in the Word because I just never know when He may want to reveal something to me. I may need many days of reading His Word to be able to handle His message. After all, because His ways are not our ways, and His thoughts are not our thoughts, it makes sense that I would need some preparation to receive from Him. I do thank God for Bobbye and Tonilee who have taught me so much about how to know God more intimately. Their conference June 2nd is fast approaching! See you there.

  15. It’s me again praising the Lord. I can’t help but write again. You see the Lord has given me so much hope in such a trying time right now. He has had me share this hope with others the past few days. I had no idea how many people around me needed this message of hope. Romans 15:13 says, Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Whatever we are going through our God of hope can fill us with joy and peace. In addition, by the power of the Holy Spirit we can bubble over with hope for our situation. Then listen to this in Romans 15:4 For whatever things were written before were written for our learning, that we through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope. How does Romans 15:4 say that we might have hope? Through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures we get our hope. God’s word is living and it is in the Scriptures that we can get our hope. Praise the Lord! No matter what we are going through God is there to fill us with joy and peace in believing that we may have hope by the power of the Holy Spirit!

  16. sara martin

    I am thank full for Gods Love
    Gods Love
    Little pieces of the sun.
    Its bound to tuch you,
    if you are ready or not.
    Seeing you at your best,
    still there at your worst.
    Freedom of expression.
    Loyal… Honest… Patient.
    Takes you in, even when you went astray.
    Catches you when you fall.
    A shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen.
    Provider… Teacher… Friend.
    Seeing your furture not your past.
    Timeless… Endless… Internal.
    Carries all your troubles,
    Knows all your sorrow.
    Merciful, Graceful, Peaceful.
    Gods Love

  17. I didn’t really know how to answer this question until after the 1 day conference June 2nd and I just found this section of Bobbye and TL’s website today. I have thanked the Lord for a lot of different things, my marriage, restoration of my relationship with my family but today “I Praise the Lord for answered prayer that is related to my desire to have an intimate relationship with Him. Though I am just beginning to learn to sit still before the Lord, (which is hard for me since I enjoy talking so much) I am praising Him for His faithfulness in answering through Daily Disciples. God showered His love and many gifts on me to confirm He heard my prayers and now I am praying since I have confirmation He heard me and it was His will that I ask what do I do next? All I ask now is patience to wait as I listen for His direction in my life as I learn to turn to Him in every decision otherwise without Him I may not doing anything wrong by man’s standards but that doesn’t mean I am in God’s will.
    I used to think that if I am praying, reading my Bible and taking care of my home and husband that that was proof that I was doing God’s will but God wants to be a part of the decision making of when I do those things so He gets the glory in them and not myself. I am sure that over time whether my husband is by my side in faith or not that God is by my side and will not let me fail as long as I go to Him first. Romans 8:31, If God be for us (me), who can be against us (me).

  18. I praise the lord for all my heart and mind he is amazing God
    as all of you know I praise him for the great things I have in here we sometime for get to thank him
    We can worshipe him, go to church, read our bible, share him with others these are praises and I thank him he is in my Lord
    He is my rock he is my lfie and my hope without him I would be
    nothing with him I have everything even in worst time of my lfie I know he is with me and gets hurt like I am hurting he is
    awsome he does not get board and let me go here and there by myself he comes where ever I go Who can do these things I praise him for his paient and his love for us

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