Can you take a picture?

Women, some of us are really missing out! Last night at Bible Study, I brought my camera. As the women came into the study, I randomly asked them if they were comfortable taking some pictures. I couldn’t believe all the "no"s. Sincere, kind, honest NOs! I asked all kinds of women— an eye doctor, an artist, a paralegal, a sound technician, even a woman who takes pictures of houses for appraisals. All of them did not know how to take a quality picture of other women with a camera that had a zoom lens. I can understand why a lot of women are hesitant with the computer, I can understand not wanting to figure out an ipod, but a camera? A camera should be like a microwave to a woman. Quick, easy, and beneficial to the whole family. Pictures help us to remember events and stages of our lives. Pictures of our family and friends remind us of God’s faithfulness in the past to be able to have hope in His faithfulness in the present. The cameras today are easy! They auto focus and they give you cheat sheet boxes inside the lens to help you get the subject in the center of the camera. Rob and I bought Bobbye a camera with an automatic zoom for her birthday in September and she is already great at it. Last night, she lectured about the fruit of the Spirit and used John 15 (the vine) as her main text. During her teaching, she used power point to show us some of the pictures she took of her new grape vines. We all loved it. I will have her post a picture of the baby grapes and of Buddy for you too. The dog has even learned to smile and pose!  Any way, the point is…when God says that He promises us "life and life abundantly," it means that sometimes we have to stop and smell the roses in our lives and sometimes we have to take a picture that says a thousand words. Mother’s Day is coming up. My suggestion is that you ask for a camera with a zoom lens. If you bring it to the study, we will teach you how to use it.


One thought on “Can you take a picture?

  1. When I read this post I had to laugh because I was one of those ladies at Bible study being tested on my camera skills. Why did so many of us say “no” when asked to take a picture? I would guess that we were all afraid that we wouldn’t take a picture that would be good enough to please the one asking us to take the picture. I ask myself, would I also say “no” to God if He asked me to do something that I may feel uncomfortable doing? Would I say “no” to God because I feel unequipped? The next time I feel uncomfortable about doing something, I think I’ll remeber this story and know that the Lord is waiting to see if I am going to say “yes” or “no” to Him. We all know that God doesn’t care how the picture turns out; He just wants us to say “yes” when He asks us to do something. This camera lesson to me is one of obedience. I love the hands on learning that God gives us!

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