“My battery is dead!”

As I was waiting on TL to come over, my phone rang. It was TL telling me that her "battery is dead." I thought she was talking about her cell phone, but instead it was her car battery. She was at home, running late, the kids needed to get to school, she and I had a breakfast meeting with someone…and her battery was dead. Thankfully, Laura (a good friend of ours) lives not far from her, so she was coming over to give her a "jump." I immediately began to ask questions…as one could imagine. How exactly are you two going to do this? Will her car fit in your garage? Do you know which cable connectors to place where on the battery? TL’s answers were semi-positive but I had my doubts. We agreed that Emilee would call me when Laura arrived. I received that call within about 10 minutes and tried to walk them through the steps of how to jump start a car. It was quite comical to be listening on my end of their escapade. Screams, shrieks and hearty laughs were mostly what I heard. In the end, the car started and we all said, "Praise the Lord!" God is so good. About 2 weeks ago, a girl in our Bible study needed a jump…her battery was dead. TL, Laura and I were all there to help her out. The Lord had prepared us all even for this particular morning. Had we not stayed to help this other girl, we would not have known how to do it for ourselves. Isn’t God good? He even prepares us to handle those dead batteries. God bless! Bobbye


One thought on ““My battery is dead!”

  1. Laura

    FYI: Along with the shrieks, and laughs…were also SPARKS! OK, so
    it was not a flawless performance, but successful no less. Thanks to
    the Lord and team work! It’s funny, I have had the tools to jump start
    a car for years, and it is Tonilee and Bobbye who have taught me how
    to use them. How true that is in the Lord! Thank you my friends. Laura

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