We Girls Love (need) to Talk!

My 8th grade daughter is in Washington, D.C. this week with her class. This time last year, my son went on this same trip. I cannot help but compare the differences between them. Robby was gone for a week and I barely heard from him. It was the "out of sight, out of mind" kind of thing. But, Emilee is the opposite extreme. I receive text messages throughout the day, detailing much of her moments and experiences. It has reminded me of how God made us, male and female, and how we are very different, especially when it comes to communication. We women love to talk and we need to talk, regardless of who is listening. As we finished our bible study this morning, women were still hanging out and talking for over an hour after it was over. Bobbye and I have realized that part of what Daily Disciples offers is that sense of community for women, a place to share their thoughts, feelings or just stuff in their lives. We not only can talk to each other, but we also spend time talking to the Lord…together. Come join us in person or share your feedback on this blog page. We would love to talk to you! Tonilee


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